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Extension into the Savage Raid on PF


This is the continuation of the story from my previous blog Journey into savage raid in PF, The Dark Side of PF, and End of the PF Journey to Savage Raid.

To recap the story, I resub once when patch 5.4 dropped. Not only that I was below min ilv for almost everything in that patch, I can't remember how any job works at lv80. Then, I read about Siglinde's adventure on this raid tier, I thought I would give it a try. It took me about a week and a half to gear up. Then a week to clear E9s, about two weeks to clear E10s. My sub ran out soon after I cleared E10s. So, I returned to the real world.

For some reasons, I resub about a month and a half after, which bring us to now.

When I logged in, my friends told me about their adventure on this raid tier. Half of the FC were in E12s, while some late started already cleared E10s. They told me that if I need help with raid, they will come to my aid.

Obviously I can't remember any of the fight anymore. I went back to training parties. Ophelia went to E10s with me and called out the mechanics for me in the first couple runs. However, what I found out that I picked up mechanics quickly, but my rotation was a mess. I was confused between instant cast weapon skill and ability. I re-clear E9s, E10s very late in that week. The later you try to do the re-clears, the higher chance you run into trap parties. It was a nasty experience. So, I decided that I will do it differently the next week.

When reset came, I took the day off. I didn't start in the morning, but I am sure I joined a PF after lunch. Well, Tian Unreal? One shot. E9s? It was less than 3 pulls. E10s? More or less the same as E9s. The only part that took time was to wait for the party to fill up. It took longer to wait for a tank/healer than to clear the fight itself.

When you wonder just what kind of people got time to play video game in the middle of the day when most people are working, well, at least the PF was good

Because I got re-clear done on Tuesday, I was free to join some training PF for E11s later that week. Most of these PF only last one lockout at most, if not disband before that.

In the first PF, most of us were new and we were trying figure out that fire/lighting mechanics. It was common for people got knock off the platform, wrong stack, etc. We did make it pass the shifting sky, but no further than that. It was also very disorient because the platform is round, and I didn't notice that I was in the wrong spot. It was by the third PF I made it to Sundered Sky.

The Sundered Sky was a major road block in this fight. I joined couple PF just to get here and wipe here. There were too many things that can go wrong in this mechanics. The person who get light tether died before the explosion and the explosion happens on the party. Someone runs ahead and kill other people with the ground aoe. Some of us not standing in the correct spot and get clipped by the brunt strike. Or people like me who just had no sense of direction and ran right into the next brunt strike and get smacked head on.

To make things really strange, there was a PF where they run WHM/diurnal AST pair. A FC mate told me that there were some theory crafting saying that this combination will push higher dps. I had no idea. However, I often find myself sitting on 3k HP. It was really scary. I suppose I unsub for so long and my ilv was low. I just didn't have the HP to survive unless there is some shield around. Sometimes I wonder why SMN still have Physick that is totally useless. It would be better if we can trade it for second wind or Manaward.

It was Sunday when I joined a Sundered Sky training PF. With the help of a healer lb3, we made it all the way to the Cycle of Fate, which was the last mechanics of the fight. I struggle with the last Turn of Heaven. At first I really didn't get where was the safe spot, then I just got clipped. We got to the Cycle of Fate a few times, but it was very chaotic.

My FC mate Melon told me that he can help me on E11s. Of course, I appreciated his offer. But then when we first had this conversation, I just reached the Cycle of Fate. I was quite confident in anything before Sundered Sky, but I felt something was a bit wonky after that. I wasn't sure if I should be dragging him through trap parties. I thought I need more practise before I invite him.

To make this complicated, I need to spend some time practising on my violin. I cannot keep up with my class unless I actually practise. There is limited time in the day I an practise. I work during the day and I can't practise during unsociable hours because I have neighbours. Long story short, I stopped joining E11s PF and went practice before it got too late. By the time when I login, it was like 9pm and there were no practice party on the last phase of E11s.

Except one.

My first impression of this party was very good. We got passed the Sundered Sky in the very first pull. We got a good amount of practise on the cycles, which was very chaotic. They had an AST who smoke and we got 5 min break when he went to smoke. They had a WHM named Cherry Pie, which was easy to remember. I suppose after joining dozen of PF on this fight, unless your name is somewhat memorial, you are going to be just another name on the party list. Then they also have a very talkative tank, who I later found out that he was supposed to be a RDM. He was the one who explained to me how the blue uptime strat works.

However, I have to say that I never understand his explanation. I tried to clarify with them on this strat in three different occasions. It never made any sense. Later I found out the reason why it was confusing because other PF did it slightly differently. In most of the PF, we all rotate clockwise slightly so that we were still with our usual fire stack partner in the safe melee spot, or share a fire cicle. I never got to ask the right question because I constantly die on that mechanics. However, it was more had to do with I got clipped by the circles. In the end I had to stop casting, rotate my camera to look at the floor and check none of my toes are touching anything. Then I forgot about the stack or run away when I was too busy staring at the floor.

I ran into this group of people again because they were the only E11s party on PF at that hour in the day.

Then Saturday came. Melon would be helping Vivien's static on E12s that day. He told me that he will be free after that and can help me. So I thought that I should keep practising until he was free. Then I was in this PF with a WHM. I noticed there were another party came up that had dps spot and healer spot free. I told him that we should move to that party, but for some reason, it didn't work. At first he thought that it was because the other healer was a WHM so he didn't fit the requirement. Then I found out that the remaining DPS spots were for melee or physical range, so it was me who was blocking it. I told him I will leave and he can join that party. I teleported to Eulmore, spent all of my tome to buy an aiming gear. Put it on my MCH, and got enough ilv to join the same party.

The first pull, we hit 1% enrage. The second pull was a mess, so we just jumped off and reset. The third pull, we killed the boss.

I cleared E11s before Melon can help me. I guess I can bug him on something else next time.

Obviously, my adventure had not ended. Remember that group of people who raid late in the evening? I finally can go back to them with confident that I know what I am supposed to do in that Turn of the Heaven, instead of just pretending to know and die there. As it happened, their BLM added me as a friend, so I refreshed my friend list every now and then to check if he will be online. It was so tiring to be a stalker, so I wonder what kind of people with the right mind will ever choose to be one. It started getting late and the BLM was nowhere to be found. I checked the PF one last time before going to bed, and I noticed Cherry Pie was on the PF, E11s last phase.

Honestly, I would have just missed it if someone else posted the PF. I doubt I remembered everyone by their names yet.

We didn't manage to clear the fight that evening, but we were down to single digit. Honestly, it got more frustrating when we were getting so close to clear but just not clearing it. At one point I thought that we were just not having enough dps to clear this fight, but I wasn't quite sure what to do about it. I saved up the tome for a casting gear, but I ended up in spending it all on an aiming gear. I can't improve my gear before the reset. I bought some less expensive pot. Eventually, we met again on Sunday. After hours of 6% wipe, 4% wipe, we finally killed the boss.

I personally find it was more satisfying clearing the fight with them than clearing E11s myself the first time. They were the only party there when I need to train for the last phase. I want to see them get to the end of the fight. I got everything I wanted. Now I can unsub. Let's get out of here quickly before I ever get tempted to join an E12s party.

In terms of playing SMN, I think I fixed most of the issue I had with weaving. I do it correctly almost all the time. Almost all the time is because Addle also needed to be weaved, which I often forget. I also fixed the issue I had with FoF during the pheonix phase. The remaining problem I still have with my rotation had to do with getting the 8th wyrmwave from demi Bahamut. I always miss the last one. If I managed to fix that issue as well, then I learnt the whole SMN rotation. Further improvement will have to be aligning phase change with the CD etc.

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