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The 172nd Blog of Learning English in FFXIV

I've got a new mount, albino karakul! That was very expensive animal though, I love her because she is so cute!

Speaking of that, the fluffy has two horns so I thought it's a boy but this cute is a girl. Just mouseover on the karakul in your mount guide and read the text.

A wise knight keeps her own source of wool.

Maybe I'm just misunderstanding. This "her" refers to the knight? Grammar of English is really hard to me... But I don't care either way because the fact remains that they are so fluffy.

By the way, I never knew that female sheep is called "ewe". When I examined this word, I realized sheep is several ways to call them. For example, ram and lamb. This is a very serious issue for me because a lot of Japanese people are not good at distinguishing the pronunciation between L and R. Well, but I just have to keep on going.

Thank you for reading my blog. See you later!
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Jaquelina Mitnu

Gilgamesh [Aether]

Years ago, I had a friend who said learning English was the hardest. What do you think?

Celes Bradford

Typhon [Elemental]

I wish there was a linkshell where Japanese Speaking people learn English and English speaking people learn Japanese.

If your friend thinks English is hard. Wait until they see Spanish. While the sounds are very similar to Japanese sound. It has a ridiculous amount of words to learn for a normal conversation, as the meaning of words is very specific. While English is mostly a business language. Short and to the point. Even the expression goodbye (Good Buy) denotes its commercial intention.

Sister Motoko

Ultros [Primal]

Pronouns can be difficult, animals can be difficult. Groups of animals have a different name as well- like a flock of seagulls, or a murder of crows.

Vidette Swiftbolt

Raiden [Light]

Yes, some of the animals have gendered pronouns in English. It's to distinguish the bulls(not to be confused with the animal of the same name) and the families of the bull's pack, mostly. Also the youngings will have their own names but wont be gendered(baby rabbits are called kits for example).

Vidette Swiftbolt

Raiden [Light]

Families should be 'females'.

Also many animals display sexual dimorphism(where the males will be larger, but someones the females are larger, like female preying mantises for example).

Vidette Swiftbolt

Raiden [Light]

When a word begins with R, practice using the R and another vowel.

ra, re, ri, ro, ru. You will notice the 'r' sound remains almost constant as you transition to pronouncing the vowel sounds. Once you got that down, you can move on to words like ram.
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