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Joe's Game Design/FF XIV Stream, 11/13/2019

So, on Thursday I worked on my game design docs, just doing some editing and polishing up. I was hoping to get started on my "beat chart" where you explain in one page the whole gameplay progression from start to finish, but I didn't get that far. I also did a quick game explanation here.

I also did a quickie workout on Thursday morning as well. Doing "incline" cable crossovers, "decline" cable crossovers (kinda. I can't find a higher anchor point in my apartment complex, so it's basically a mid-level cable crossover), standing chest presses, and a few face pulls and sumo squats (only a few, just enough for a slight burn, since I still have to work all this week). But unfortunately I must've used some improper form, because at work my right bicep was hurting, as well as the front of both of my shoulders. <Oops!>

And I also played a few records too, which were:

Joe Satriani - Surfing With the Alien
Metallica - Kill 'Em All
George Benson - Breezin'

And for the session today I didn't really do a whole lot, except a bunch of running around. I worked on my DRK, but just ran hunts. After that, I started working on the WVR quests and got as far as the level 60 one, where you have to make a one-star chestpiece. Took a look at the mats required and their prices on the market boards and:

So I just went ahead and farmed up some level 60 Ishgardian Resto mats and made a few brooms and turned those in. Sheesh!

And here's the vinyl records I spun this evening:

Jimi Hendrix - Are You Experienced?
Herb Albert's Tijuana Brass - Whipped Cream & Other Delights
Buffalo Springfield - Buffalo Springfield Again
The Sting - Movie Soundtrack

Okay, nappy time, then get ready for work. Thanks for reading/watching, and have a great night/day, everybody. See you guys on Monday, if not sooner (streaming I know not what over the weekend). ;)>

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Vinyl records & leveling my GNB. Might do the Ishgardian Resto as well.
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