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Joe's 1FDP/Kingsway/FF XIV, 11/19/2019

On Tuesday morning I played a game called One Finger Death Punch. Wow, what a game! They managed to do so much with just 2 buttons. Addictive as hell (the fake Asian accent is a nice touch as well lol). Too bad it's made my right hand hurt after a while, surprise surprise.

I was playing a game called Kingsway earlier today, but ended up throwing in the towel. Awesome concept for a game though! An RPG meets Windows 95, a cool idea in theory (interesting combat system too), but in practice it's not such a hot game, as it's mouse-only. And window-heavy, what with being Windows 95 and all. Veeeeery unwieldy to work with.

So I decided to switch to FF XIV instead. Worked on leveling my DRK, running hunts and Fairy beast tribes, and eventually got him to level 76. So it'll be GNB's turn now.

After that, I embarked on my desynth campaign, starting with weaver. So far I like this, as it seems it doesn't make much difference whether or not you desynth HQ gear. Because of that, you can just mass-craft all the mats. This will be like Runescape/World of Warcraft all over again! And I can also sit back and relax and actually have some decent convo with my viewers, and not have to be in two places at once.

And the records I played today were:

Jimi Hendrix - Electric Ladyland
Stan Getz - With Laurindo Almeida
Frank Zappa - Hot Rats
Kraftwerk - Radio-Activity
Weird Al Yankovic - Polka party

Okay, time to call it a night. Hopefully I'll be on tomorrow morning, barring any ISP maintenance or random restarts (a bad day for these today >:(>) Otherwise, <Take care.>, everyone. And have yourselves a wonderful night/day. ;)>

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Playing records and leveling my DRK. Doing weeklies and desynthing stuff as well.
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