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Joe's Busy Busy Weekend, 12/2/2019



Played some more Baldur's Gate on Saturday. I kinda got a bit ranty, but otherwise it was a pretty good session that day, just creating characters and trying them out mostly.

And I played some records too, which were:

Devo - New Traditionalists
The Moody Blues - On the Threshold of a Dream
Butthole Surfers - Independent Worm Saloon
Tchaikovsky - Concerto in D, Opus #35


I also played some BG on Sunday as well. And this time I decided to start over, and deleted all my saves and created a new party. And right out of the blue someone gets one-shot (this time, my monk), despite me cheating them all to level 3 to prevent this from happening. Apparently his level/HP wasn't enough.
(ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻ (keep in mind I'm playing with perma-death, so I got every right to be pissed about this).

And like yesterday I got some vinyls going today as well, which were:

Ted Nugent's Amboy Dukes - Tooth, Fang, and Claw
Bill Cosby - Revenge
Waylon Jennings - 'Ol Waylon
The Ventures - Golden Greats


A bad workout on Monday morning, mostly because at work I had to lift a lot of stuff over my head (which works mostly the front of my shoulders), so when I was doing my standing chest presses and dumbbell bench presses I had to cut them short since the front of my shoulders were getting sore. I flubbed up my form on the Standard (mid-level) cable crossovers, causing my left bicep to become sore. I shouldn't even have bothered this time. -_-

And for the Monday stream, like yesterday, I was only on FF XIV for about an hour, just long enough to do my retainer ventures and my hunts (done on my MNK & PLD). After that, I jumped on Baldur's Gate and kept on going with with the second (?) chapter. I eventually beat the boss, but not without mishap. Two notes to self, and hopefully I'll remember these:

• Unlike other games, berserk players attack everybody, including your own allies!
• Unlike other games, AoE spells in Baldur's Gate affect everybody, even your own party members!

Big time <Oops!> right there. Just have to chalk it up to force of habit. :/>

And props to Keitaro87. He stuck it out with me, even though he hates it when I play Baldur's Gate. He's the kind of viewer I like to have in my stream, loyal and honest. And I should also give props to Skullsalad as well, before I forget again for the umpteenth time. He's a new regular in my stream. And he's an artist from Scotland who, like me, likes listening to vinyl. And he also plays or has played Baldur's Gate as well, so we can often have something to talk about lol.

And because I wasn't on FF XIV that long I didn't play any vinyl. But I did when playing Baldur's Gate, which consisted of:

The Beatles - The White Album
Jethro Tull - Stand Up
Buddy Rich - Big Band
Kraftwerk - Autobahn

Aaaaaaalrighty! And that's a weekend wrap! Thanks for reading/watching, everyone. Mucho mucho appreciated! And catch y'all on the flipside! ;)>

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