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Joe's PS: T/FF XIV Weekend, 12/16/2019

Just a heads-up: For those that read my previous blog posts, don't be surprised when you see missing images on them. Once again, I had to delete some of my old images in order to add on some new ones. Gotta love that limited image space that no other image uploading website (that I know of) has. :/>


Played some Planescape: Torment today. And learned a little more about The Nameless One: Man, I swear Deadpool had to have been inspired by this guy. (Errr, actually it's the other way around. Deadpool made his first appearance in the early 90s, and Planescape: Torment came out in the late 90s. <Oops!>) Both are immortal (they can be killed, but they just revive shortly after), and both have no compunctions about killing people. Only difference is that Nameless suffers from post-mortem CRS lol.



And another day of Planescape: Torment, moving right along in the story. And one thing I keep forgetting about this game: You can hold conversations with other party members. I can't think of any other game except Baldur's Gate where you can do do this. Usually you just click a party member and the most you get is "What?" or something like that.


Pretty good workout this morning. I did my typical "incline" cable crossovers, incline push-ups, and bench dips. I actually want to do the "parallel version" of this, but I can't find anything in my apartment that a). is high enough off the ground for me to dip all the way down without my knees hitting, and b). are exactly the same height. I'll figure something out eventually.

Played some FF XIV - a full session this time - on Monday evening, and worked on my monk, running most of the hunts and the Fairy beast tribe quests. I also did a leveling and trial roulette as well. And eventually he made it to level 76, after which I started crafting all his level 76 gear. So he is now good to go until level 78.

Make it happen, Squeenix! (and yes, I joined his fellowship)

And here's the records I played this time around:

Pink Floyd - Ummagumma
Bill Cosby - Wonderfulness
Black Sabbath - Vol. 4
The Residents - Eskimo

Aaaaalrighty, that'll do 'er for tonight. Thanks for reading/watching, guys. And you all have yourselves a good night/day. ;)>

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