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Joe's Baldur's Gate/FF XIV Streams, 12/30/2019


One of the biggest reasons I play solo.

Played some Baldur's Gate this evening, working on my assassin rogue. Made it to chapter five (where you're in Baldur's Gate proper), and just started doing some quests in there.

Had a quest where, you had to either a). Pay 2,000 gold to buy back a child's body, b). Pickpocket it off of her, or c). Kill her and loot it from her corpse. I originally went with option B, trying to pickpocket it off of her. But, despite having my pick pockets level at 100% it kept failing. I'm thinking it's a quest bug, so I went with option A instead and just purchased it off her for 2k gold, then just reimbursed my 2k gold via the "AddGold" cheat. One reason I use cheats: Helps keep the game honest. Oh, the irony lol.

And I played some records today too, which were:

Joni Mitchell - Court & Spark
The Dubliners - Seven Drunken Nights
Fugazi - In on the Kill Taker
Funkadelic - One Nation, Under a Groove


And some more Baldur's Gate today, working on a few of the chapter 5 side quests, eventually getting my thief to level 8 (I think). He's gettin' up there!

Checked out the Hall of Wonders, a temple to the god known as Gond, the god of craftsmen, builders, etc. Another one of my favorite gods.

Got the "Master thief" achievement as well, after stealing the telescope from the very same god. Just scratching the itch. :/>

I acquired a potion case (stores up to 100 stacks of potions) from a mage vendor, as well as a gem bag (stores up to 8 stacks of gems and jewelry, and the only way I could do this was to gain another party member, put her gem bag in my inventory, then dismiss her afterwards. Kind of a dick move, but there was no other way of getting one of these. -_-), which really really spared me the inventory management puzzle that often causes me much frustration, burning me out quicker (as well as one of the reasons I use cheats. I see another top 10 list in my future).

And like yesterday I played some records, which ended up being:

John Coltrane - A Love Supreme
Alice Cooper - Love it to Death
Rickie Lee Jones - Self-Titled Debut
Tom Lehrer - That Was the Week That Was


My Monday morning workout went very well, doing my usual "incline" cable crossovers, using resistance bands that were wrapped around the stairway railing just outside my apartment, as well as doing chest dips, by using a couple of old antique chairs placed on either side of me. And I also found a perfect place for incline push-ups, in another most unlikely place: My bathroom counter/sink. Its height/width is perfect for me, so it's now my go-to for push-ups. Necessity is the mother of invention!

Some bad & short sleep today due to sinus problems, so I wasn't on as long as I had hoped. For the Monday evening session I started with FF XIV, but I was on maybe an hour or so, just enough to do the Fairy beast tribe quests on my monk, a leveling dungeon, and a trial. I got Copperbell Mines, where the tank starts pulling big right off the bat. I immediately tell him that I have no AoE at that level, but noone seemed to notice . . . . . including myself. :/> They must've really loosened up on the level/ilvl sync or something, because this normally would've been an issue back in the day, fights dragging out, taxing healer's mana etc. Now it's practically:

Basically your typical World of Warcraft dungeon.

But after that session I switched on over to Baldur's Gate, where I worked on the quests in said area. A real good time, and with "only" a few cheats used (the usual 20 invisibility stealth potions, a few thieving potions, and a few "teleport to cursor"s). Definitely starting to get my playstyle down!

Aaaaaaaand I played some LP records today too, which were:

Miles Davis - Bitches Brew
Boz Scaggs - Silk Degrees
Joe Satriani - Surfing With the Alien
Herb Albert's Tiujana Brass - Whipped Cream & Other Delights

And here's to a good weekend. Thanks everyone for watching/reading, and have yourselves a wonderful day/night. ;)>

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