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Joe's Weekend, 3/23/2020


Some bad sleep this morning, due to my allergies flaring up again (again with the yo-yoing weather >:(>).

So needless to say, today's Grim Dawn session was shorter than normal, which mostly consisted of me working on The Crucible (a mini-game where you have to defeat waves of enemies) and the Act 1 story, as well as do a side area or two, all of it on my reaper guy (reaper = FF XIV ninja + dark knight).

And I nearly lost him towards the end of my session!

And for the vinyls I played this evening they were:

Tomita - Snowflakes are Dancing
Metallica - Kill 'em All
Prince - For You
Maurice Ravel - Bolero


Another dead session today, with none of my regulars coming on. Although to be fair I've also been coming on early and leaving early, due to some bad sleep recently. I'm probably logging off before everyone else is coming on. Sorry, guys. :(>

But anyway, for today's Grim Dawnny session I ran my usual Crucible mini-game on my Mr. Reaper, then I completed Act 1 on "Elite" difficulty. And after that I started on Grim Dawn's latest expansion, which allowed me to transfer money - in "stacks" of 75k iron - to my other characters. It also gave me access to an item - can't remember the name - that I can give to my alts that grants them instant completion of normal difficulty, starting them on elite difficulty right away, which I used on my commando character (commando = FF XIV warrior + machinist), since he was the first character I ever created. Handy!

And here's the records I played this evening:

Frank Zappa - One Size Fits All
Kraftwerk - Ralf & Florian
N.W.A. - Straight Outta Compton



This morning after work I did a semi-workout (only a few reps of each, just enough for a burn) consisting of:

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- This version targets the upper chest

- Note the hand position. The palms are facing away. Also works out your outer forearms.

- The closest GIF I could find. My version starts with my palms up at the bottom, and rotates to my palms down at the top, if you can visualize that. I also used an offset grip, gripping the "inner" part of the dumbbell and not the middle (again, if you can imagine what that would look like. Very hard to explain, especially when even Google doesn't have this GIF!). Works out my inner forearms as well. Props to ATHLEAN X for demonstrating this (around the 6:50 mark).

- I felt "safe" doing these, since I haven't had to do a whole lot of heavy lifting at my job in a while.

For my Final Fantasy XIV stream it was honky dory. I worked on my red mage, eventually getting him to level 72 via hunts and Pixie beast tribe quests. I also did a 50/60/70 roulette and got . . . . . that dungeon with the final boss that you have to hop around platforms on. It's all I remember about it. Had a healer that was one of the biggest reasons I don't tank randoms anymore if I can help it. He kept on pulling for the sprout tank, even doing it against bosses (although to be fair he was doing it just before the tank pulls them, and not way beforehand). I have zero tolerance for that crap! Do it even once and I'm gone. And I've done my fair share of....

Which just leads me to tanking.....

But enough of that. Having pretty much done what I wanted to do in that game, I switched on over to playing some Grim Dawn. I started with my Mr. Reaper dude, like usual. I mostly did some mat farming and monster slaying, nothing real commital. And after that, I decided to give my blademaster (blademaster = FF XIV ninja + warrior) another go. And it looks like, from here on, I'll probably be working on this guy as well, as it seems I'm now on a learning curve with him.

Oh, and one of my regulars, Plasmastrike67 decided he was going to play his guitar, which kinda inspired me to pull out my bass and start piddling around on it. He seemed to like it!

The LPs I played this evening were:

Bruce Springsteen - The River
The Residents - Meet The Residents
Ivan Rebroff (Russian opera singer)
Stan Freberg - Best of
The Ventures - Golden Greats
Jethro Tull - Stand Up

Okay, time to call it a night <Take care.>, peeps. And have yourselves a good and COVID-free night/day, . ;)>

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