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Joe's Assorted Stuff, 10/6 - 10/7


Watched a movie this morning called The Wolf of Wall Street. Pretty good movie. I love the 4th wall "violations" that Martin Scorsece makes use of. He does it on his other movies too, like GoodFellas, but it's especially blatant in this movie lol.

Towards the end of the movie I noticed that the judge that sentenced Leo - sorry for the spoiler - looked . . . . . . very not like a judge. Come to find out the judge was played by Fran Leibowitz, a name I hear crop up once in a great while. I watched a few of her YouTube interviews, and: Very interesting person, with a quirky, unpredictable sense of humor. Joe Rogan should have her on his podcast someday. Definitely gotta get one of her books as well.

And a MUCH better Guild Wars 2 session today, with nearly all my regulars hopping on at different points in the stream. So, it really kept the stream from becoming another snooze-fest.

But today, it was mostly doing dungeon and fractal running on my warrior. And this time, much better groups, most of which actually explained stuff to you, and waited on you if you fell behind. They're definitely the kind of people that keep me playing this game, and not the other kinds that I had yesterday, that burn me out.

And lots of crafting mats and other assorted rewards are to be had by running these! If someone could have convinced me that you can get a lot of stuff by running these I might not have spent as much $$$ on gems/gold (note that I said "as much". I ALWAYS do microtransactions in some form in every game I play, as I always have more money than time). And how much loot exactly?

I went through about 75 of these things, salvaging all the stuff I got from running dungeons & fractals (oh, for those that don't know, fractals are another type of dungeon. They're not part of the storyline, and their difficulties can be adjusted). So, yeah, definitely worth running!

And here's the vinyls I played today:

Jimi Hendrix - Electric Ladyland
The Residents - Eskimo
Stan Getz - With Laurindo Almeida
Van Halen - Self-Titled Debut (played on YouTube, but Twitch muted the entire album, due to copyright. <Oops!> RIP Eddie Van Halen)


TERRIBLE Pinball session this morning. To start, Pinball FX3 had it's notorious server issues, being unable to save my high score on the very first table I played. As I didn't want any further effort wasted, I quit the game immediately and switched over to Pinball Arcade. And there, It was all just:

Just a few of many.....

So I just went ahead and quit Pinball Arcade before I got....

And decided to play FF XIV instead, since it was Wednesday. And this time, I started leveling my dark knight, trying to get him to 80. My new long-term goal in this game.

A good Guild Wars 2 stream today. I started by doing my usual crafting, then went and did a couple fractals. Why only two? The second one I got put into a group that ran one that was almost FOUR TIMES my own max level (when running fractals, you have a max level that you can run yourself. You can join anybody else's though, no matter what level. If a fractal level is too high above yours though, you take "agony" damage over time. Meant to deter low-level "twinks" from being carried through high-level fractals by other players). Needless to say, there was a lot of this from my end:

The second one took forever and a day to complete, especially the final boss. These aren't even raids and boss mechanics have a lot to remember! Luckily, I got good groups, just like yesterday.

And for the first time ever I joined a guild. And YET ANOTHER reason I like this game: You can turn the guild tag on and off, unlike FF XIV, where you're forced to have it next to your character name. Kind of an odd nitpick, but it is what it is.

And for the 33rpm records I spun this evening they were:

Frank Zappa - Hot Rats
KISS - Self-Titled Debut
Paul Simon - Graceland
The Sting - Movie Soundtrack

Okay, nap-ola time, then I gotta get ready for work. <Take care.>, everyone. And have yourselves a good night/day. ;)>

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