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Joe's Goofball Weekend, 6/19 - 6/21


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Pretty dead session today, short one as well. Another rough night at work - as well as the past two days - so I wasn't exactly super chipper during the stream. But otherwise, it was the usual Rivals of Aether, just doing all the modes, up until I was too out of it to continue.

Oh, and like yesterday I played a few vinyls as well, which were:

The Honolulu Guitars - Hawaii, Isle of Paradise / The Charles "Kaipo" Miller Serenaders - Hawaiian Paradise
Stan Getz - With Alurindo Almeida

Oh, and it might have been a good thing that I no longer play Guilty Gear: Strive. I took a look at the full roster that they have. Eventually, one of the DLCs is going to have.....

.....Baiken. What you get if Nicotine Caffeine and Mai Shiranui had a baby.

I would DEFINITELY not want to be lumped in with the "18-35 demographic" when she came out. While I'm not STRICTLY AGAINST fanservice characters - I've played Valerie from time to time in Fantasy Strike, and I-No (see previous blog post) was the reason I took up GG: Strive to begin with - often times it's actually too much of an eye sore/distraction in whatever game I'm playing. If I wanted to watch stuff like that I'd Google "top-heavy bimbos" or something, or go on 4chan. I don't want to see that in a video game.


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This morning I decided to sample a 2D fighting game called Skullgirls, if only to say that I've played it. Not a bad game, aside from the fanservicey characters, which can get annoying (see above). Good tutorial though, just like Rivals of Aether. It teaches you all the basic fighting game stuff as well as what the in-game mechanics are. It's soundtrack is also jazz-based (my all-time favorite music genre), so I won't need to play any vinyl with this one. You can't do any Iron Man matches though (defeat your opponent as many times as you can within the time limit), it's all round based. A bit of a bummer right there. But overall, definitely a keeper game (although only played once in a while though). :)>

And a bad evening session this time. Dead, with none of my regulars coming on, and was feeling more and more like crap as the stream went on despite me getting ~6 hours of sleep. I made my usual rounds, doing all the game modes, and even online as well, where as per usual I got my ass kicked. Definitely a day I should've just stayed in bed. -_-

Sunday Night

Sorry if this doesn't make any sense.

Once again, I tried playing some Guild Wars 2, but I only got as far as right when my character loaded up. After that I just stared at my screen and went ". . . . . . . can't do it." So, it seems I've burned out on this game. -_-

On the other hand, I played a little bit of Pinball FX3, and I actually beat my previous high score on Star Wars: Boba Fett. :)>


So, this morning I was going to try to download and play Virtual Fighter 5, but unfortunately it's for consoles only (I only have PC). Too bad, because one of the playable characters in that game, Aoi Umenokoji, is probably my all-time favorite fighting game character. Her whole specialty is countering/reversing nearly any attack. It's a very defensive playstyle, totally unlike most other fighting game characters, where it's all about the big combos/damage. :(>

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Pretty good Rivals of Aether session today. And this time, I switched characters. I started playing a character named Etalus, a big polar bear that deals mostly ground and ice based attacks. Pretty fun. And like usual, I did all the game modes but online matches. And jayhotlaps dropped by. Been a while! So we chatted it up a bit. :)>

And I also decided to go ahead and play a few records, which were:

Ween - God Ween Satan
Turk Murphy - Barrelhouse Jazz

Oh, and I got my second COVID-19 vaccine this morning. Yes!

But otherwise, time to call it a night, everyone. <Take care>, guys. And have yourselves a good night/day. ;)>

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