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Joe's Honky Dory Weekend, 11/26 - 11/28


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My gung-ho got the better of me today, and I ended up doing a Pinball stream that was pretty much a waste of time, as I was too out of it - due to not enough sleep - for most of it. I was flubbing shots, double flipper bitching myself numerous times, and tilting the tables seemingly willy-nilly. And throughout all this I'm like "Whatever.", just not giving two shits. And Keitaro87 dropped by like usual, but I think he bailed towards the end when he noticed I just wasn't into the session at all. So, hopefully it'll be a better session tomorrow, after I've gotten some better sleep.


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An overall decent Pinball session today, and had better sleep than yesterday (although not by much). And, FX3 decided to crash today, ending the (5 day) streak. So much for that.... :(>

So, that left DX9 Pinball Arcade. But, again, it was an overall okey-dokey session. I unknowingly beat my previous high score in Centaur, and made the Top 5 in another table whose name I can't remember. After that, it was pretty much an ass session, with stormtrooper aim, flipper flubbing, and constant double flipper bitching (the pinnacle of poor skill, to me). *sigh*

And a pretty socially active session today, with Keitaro87, gamingrulin_, batcampbell, and a new visitor named basement_game_freaks all came by (although my opinion of Basement already soured when he - unknowingly or not - committed one of my big streaming pet peeves: Telling me what to play, this case being Fortnite and Fall Guys, two games I DEFINITELY don't care for!). Part of the reason why I wasn't doing so good today, getting too distracted from all the convo lol.


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So, this morning on a whim I tried out an RPG/Pinball - my 2 favorite genres - mashup called Rollers of the Realm. Not too bad. They don't quite get the Pinball mechanics right (balls should BOUNCE off of flippers, not just roll on them, and they need to have nudging as well) but still a pretty good game nontheless.

Above average DX9 Pinball Arcade session (FX3 crashed. Again.) today, better than yesterday. I actually got in the Top 5 high scores on quite a few tables today so, definitely a better outing than yesterday. And it was another one of those "Tea For Two" sessions, where it was only me and Keitaro87 on the whole time (with Lmartyr dropping by for a hot minute). And at the end of the session, I decided to fire up some Rollers of the Realm, a decent game I picked up this morning. Otherwise, a good session overall today. :)>

Okay. Time to call it a night, everyone. <Take care>, and have yourselves a nice night/day. ;)>

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