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Fenrir Incident


Freedom Through Technology

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I’ve had a message forwarded to me from the FC security cameras since the time period of the Starlight Festival last year. It’s connected to the SDS Fenrir project that went into full production shortly before this incident. Curious I activated it for replay

External Video Sphere 1, Ame Hunter Hall, main entrance [audio engaged]
*Dr. Miroku is seen motioning a few Ironworks technicians bring into the yard a large object with a tarp covering it. She has a mirthful look on her face as it is put down and finishes paying them for offloading. Walks off a distance and activates her link pearl, [static cleanup of audio]* “Oh, Zac! Can you come outside for a moment?”

*Zac, garbed in mage clothing and holding a red mage rapier, comes outside. Dr. Miroku goes into a neutral, albiet cracked, face* “Morning, doc.” *Zac takes a look at the blanketed object* “What’s that?”

*Dr. Miroku makes a grand flourish with the removal of the cover, revealing a shiny new SDS Fenrir*

At this point I take out a notepad and prepare for notes about performance

*Zac begins a slow circuit around the motorbike, facial expression wide and amazed* "Woah... this sorta looks like that Falcon thing Drail got everyone but... cooler."

*Dr. Miroku pulls out a fob on a chain and waves it around* "Wanna test drive it?“

*Zac looks taken aback and torn between the bike and Miroku* "You sure you want me to test drive it?"

*She nods and underhand tosses the fob to him* "Better you get injured than me. Just go ahead and test drive already"

*He catches the keys and sighs, shaking his head* "I swear you're lucky I can avoid losing my limbs permanently." *He then hops on the SDS, swiping the fob over the ignition plate. It roars to life and settles into a low rumble. Recognizing what he thinks are handles, he puts his hands on them.* "So shouldn't we probably not test drive this in the neighborhood?"

*Miroku puts a hand into her coat pocket, barely containing a playful grin* "Dont worry, it can fly"

*Zac looks mystified* “How…?”

*She pulls out another fob and presses a button. The Fenrir leaps out of sight with a roar of magitek anti-gravity and Zac shouts* "BY MENPHINA"

External Video Sphere 2, Ame Hunter Hall, aerial approach [audio engaged]

*The hum of the Fenrir engine comes into range and the bike itself appears. A very startled and panicked looking Zac, tail and head fur frazzled out to their maximum length, appears to be hanging on for dear life. He makes a slight turn with the handlebars and it levels out. He’s breathing heavily but slowly steadies out. The engine also levels out to a more moderate pitch*

*Audio and video refocuses on Miroku, who motions to activate her link pearl* "ya good?" *stiffles a giggle but can’t contain it fully*

*Audio/video returns to Zac.* *Zac responds, shakily holding onto the bike* "I'm in the air on a vehicle I'm only a tiny bit familiar with!"

*zip audio/video to Miroku* "How is it?"

*Audio/video returns to Zac.* "Well I like the sound of the engine and the seat is comfortable and..." He looks the panel in front of him and presses a few random buttons. At the sides of the bike, some spare compartments open. He notices the holsters. "THIS BIKE CAN CARRY YOUR WEAPONS?! Oh Hal would be really jealous if he saw this bike..."

I’m chuckling as I take notes about engine responses and the anti-grav system performance.

*zip audio/video to Miroku* "Happy Starlight. It's yours. Do take care of it, I'll be inside.” *Miroku goes to the door and enters the premise. Camera audio disengages*

*Audio/video returns to Zac.* *A momentarily startled look crosses his face. "Wait it's mine?” *He looks around a bit more, looking concerned* “Hold on, how do I land this thing?!"

Internal Audio/Video Sphere 7, Ame Hunter Hall, Kitchen

*Miroku is seen talking with one of the servants, ordering some hot cocoa.* "I dunno, you tell me.” *She looks around and sees the festive decoration of mistletoe and other holiday accessories* "Zac why are there so much mistletoe decorated around here? What is their significance"

External Video Sphere 1, Ame Hunter Hall, main entrance [audio engages]
*Dan Kaiba comes around the block into view, riding a similar Fenrir. He hears the hum of the anti-grav and looks up. He blinks once in surprise* “Is that a flying Zac on a motorcycle?” *looks amused*

*Audio/video returns to Zac.* "Mistletoe depend on where you from I guess, here it's you kiss whoever your standing under them with..." Zac is looking down at the ground. Sees Dan*

*audio/video focuses on Miroku* "I get that... but why are there so many" *Takes on a pensive, if slightly aroused, look*

*Audio/video returns to Zac.* "I don't know I didn't put them up." *Finally checks the onboard display panel and finds instructions.* "Things have gotten tame- FOUND THE DISENGAGE FLIGHT BUTTON!" *Triumphantly presses said button...then disappears from the sphere area. Audio disengages*

*Audio pickup from EVS1 as Zac hurdles to his demise. Suddenly the bike stops a few ilms from the ground, hovering as if everything was perfectly fine. If Zac’s fur wasn’t in full panic mode, it certainly is now. His eye and ears are twitching.* "M-my life f-flashed before my eyes..."

I’ve fallen out of my seat for laughing so hard, notes discarded to one side.

*Dan saunters up and gives him a friendly shoulder pat* "You alright? You should have slowly flew down then hit that button." *points to the specific one without touching*

As the rest of the conversation following the three were not related to the Fenrir, I didn’t bother finishing the video after a minute or two more of watching. Composing myself I finalized my notes and forwarded them to the bike designer.
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