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Airship Overhaul idea

Hi Developers of FFXIV, Are you all considering building more upon the use of airships? I see many things that can be updated for quality of life purposes toward this feature.

Personal Airships at the airship landing stations:
-Players should be able to meet "x" requisites to be able to own their own single/ duo airship.

These would be D classed airships small but fast.
C classed airships will be enough for four players.
B classed airships will be enough for six players.
A classed airships will be enough for eight players.
S classed airships will be enough for sixteen players. Largest and sturdiest class.
SS Classed airships will be used to replace the current free company airships.
SSS classed airships will be used for 24-48 man alliance for social gatherings.

Inside the airships: you will have a control room, an engine room, a lounging place, a built in chocobo station, and a Chambers bay area (rooming).

Furnishings: will allow you to only have flower pots as your garden since its the most logical.
Aquarium tanks are allowed.
Water bathing is questionable so it may not be needed.

Airship gameplay: Pilot mode set to open world view as you are traveling eorzea in its overworld map. being able to toggle between the two. Third person view where you can see your character with other players and are able to walk around normally while the ship is idle.

Airship housing for classes C-S
This would help players that want housing but in mobile format where as the rooms are the players chambers which can combat the housing ward - plot formula crisis. Many players love to feel the life of a sky pirate as well. Whilst Airships are still allowed from housing feature.

(UPDATE 1/12/2021)SS Class airship housing should be acceptable if there aren't any actual houses available for that fc.

In addition to this feature, Players that own an airship from the housing feature will be able to also explore eorzea in overworld view coming from their home.

Personal ship to personal ship view where players can see the named ship of the founder of the ship.

customization features for personal ships in airship landing
new parts and additions to hulls, sail types and interiors designs.

A new type of Airship Exploration: Expeditions (Fleshed out), Exploring unknown parts of eorzean history and the places connected to many of its lore. terrain types: mountains, jungles, deserts, procedurally generated with high risk rewards.

Voyages (Fleshed out), this takes the current in-game sight seeing to a new level of highs and lows. see large monuments of designs from the ancients.

Free Company Alliance v Free Company Alliance for pvp airship version. Take usage of turrets, shield generators, accelerations and engines core design powered by magicites to make use of the elementals prowess in battle.

Pvp marketing features: turret types/shield generator types and engine types switching out for either cosmetics or upgrades.

The idea was coined to me from the aspirations from what ff9 and 12 had brought to the table in how airships were used back then.

My original post linked:
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