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New DoH class suggestions and CC magitek mounts

As we near the approach to Garlemald I feel like these two classes would fit considering some of the characters we've seen and what they are capable of creating within the storyline. Engineer and Tinker.

Engineer- As an Engineer this is more along the lines of building items through component features like the Airship and submarine.

this job would require alot more materials as this should be an advanced DoH class alternate.

The objects that the engineer should make are mostly dealing with magitek which includes mounts, trinkets, and certain weapons or housing.

Mounts: would be color customizable versions of original magiteks as well as new types.

Trinkets: would include items that could be used to alter Quality Of Life performances
monster capturing devices to add a new feature to housing for in-house pets and etc.

The certain weapons they can create would mostly be different types of machinist guns and gun blade type weapons that would also be color customizable.

Tinker- would be the sole minion makers of the game. Their jobs would be to build minions through component piecing: Head, Body, Arms, Legs. And gizmos that help them become more than just a pet.

Tuners: would help minions participate in events or their own form of dungeon to help the players gather materials that could currently be found through the voyage system.

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