Joceline Joestar

Diabolos (Crystal)

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The Bone Throne

Fray kind of explains who it was calling Joceline. It seems every person who touches the crystal hears a different voice. He can help me hear it better, but a kingdom run by the church is probably not the best place to conduct the ritual, so we need to go to Little Ala Mhigo. Stuff like THIS is why I let my home point stay in Mor Donuts.

Fray says JoJo needs to nurture her inner darkness. I’d imagine just thinking about where her life has gone wrong would be enough, but I guess not. The man says if she goofs this up she’ll still die... or worse. What’s worse??? Does something akin to tempering happen when dark crystals backfire? Instead of answering, he tells me to ask Gundobald for advice on something big to kill. (The man is happy to see me again because of how I helped his people. Has he heard about Wilred yet? I feel bad.) That’s how I end up at the Red Labyrinth.

After the peiste is dead and I come back after accidentally luring a couple of anglers and dying/returning to the home point, Fray tells JoJo to breathe and she hears a voice pretty much telling her to do a lot of walking. This may mean she’s fated to find someone and travel a long distance in the process. JoJo gestures to show she’s okay with it. Can I at least use a chocobo to make this trip?

The next time I see him I actually end up doing more teleporting, because Fray wants JoJo to try more communion at the Burning Wall. I mind the travel more than I do the axe beak killing, because killing axe beaks is free, but he wants me to use that resentment just the same. After maybe five seconds of attempting communion, one of the guys I talked to during the Ifrit mission comes to me for help saving some pilgrims. Fray thinks it’s some BS (he says they should have at least brought weapons, and he’s not wrong) but being tempered is worse than death and I don’t want to leave them there. It’s an easy enough butt-whooping. My teacher says the “splattered with blood” look is a good one. (Even if Square still refuses to show any blood.) JoJo makes it back to Drybone after Fray does. Did he yell at Isembard some more? The man seems nervous... Fray points out that it’s often people who don’t have to risk death who are sending others off to it. Tell me about it!

The voice talks about a scary and powerful-sounding woman with a throne made out of bones. On the other hand, “serve, save, slave, slay” sounds like the things so many people have asked of JoJo. Is it talking about me??? I HAVE piled up countless bodies. Fray encourages JoJo to remember that she can’t save everyone. This isn’t about my squad, is it? I sacrifice plenty, but at least let me have that. That’s one burden I don’t resent (well, mostly; I’m still pissed off at Alphinoob). We don’t speak any more, because communion is over and Fray is getting tired.
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Mahdi Draaken

Faerie (Aether)

drk story quests are some of my fav quests in this game!
they are awesome!

Joceline Joestar

Diabolos (Crystal)

(Ooooh, a comment!)

I’m really grateful for this storyline. It’s bleeping good therapy for how the MSQ’s been treating me. Everything seems to be about Alphinaud losing HIS passion and Alphinaud trying to find HIS way again, and I’m like “what about me? I’ve worked as hard as he has, and I’ve been hurt and betrayed just like him. Do you people think I can’t feel?” Fray doesn’t ignore the WoL‘s emotions or judge her for them being negative, he invites her to express them. With sharp objects.
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