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Excalibur (Primal)

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Oh, Hai!

I'm Laila Kin of the Kinship FC!
I'm new around here, and looking to make friends on my server, Excalibur!

I really adore Adorable and creepy things, pastel colors(And specifically purple), Dance parties, Minions/Mounts collecting, Group runs be FATEs/Dungeons or just hanging out all together to do silly stuff or craft/Gather/etc.

End Game is not the most important thing to me. I want to get there, but I like to take my time and enjoy the journey, especially with friends.

I run a really lovely FC with my good friends called the Kinship. We're all about hanging out together and having fun. We don't always match up in personalities, but we all try to work together regardless. They're some great people, and I'm really thankful to have them.

But I would also like to make new friends! The more the merrier!
(Spiders need not apply though, unfortunately, I am Arachnophobic so we can't be friends T-T )
If you see me in-game, flag me down and lets chat! Just remember, I'm the purple haired one! My Twinny, Lily is pink-haired! But she's really nice too and just as happy to meet people. Just a bit more shy than me! :3

Also, I think it's important to always mention that if anyone needs a friend, or even just someone to listen to them(They say sometimes, talking to a stranger is easier,) Then I want you to know, I'm here for you, and you can message me anytime. If I'm offline, send me a message via moogle and I'll keep trying to reach you best I can!

Oh! And I love mail! :D Feel Free to send me Messages!

♥Laila Kin♥
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Lolo Menehune

Siren (Aether)

HIya Liala! If your ever on Siren please don't hesitate say Hi :D

Kupo Warkson

Siren (Aether)

What about pig spiders?

Laila Kin

Excalibur (Primal)

Thank you, Lolo~! I'll certainly be sure to if I should ever visit Siren!

Sorry, Kupo, No Pig spiders either! Even though I quite love Pigs T-T
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