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Titan Flow Control YS 54-AB

Titan Flow Control's YS54-AB is used for potable water applications as it meets lead free statutes requiring that the lead content in the wetted surfaces is 0.25% or less as determined by a weighted average. These ANSI Class 150 Aluminum Bronze Y-Strainers are installed in a piping system to remove unwanted debris from the pipeline, protecting expensive equipment downstream such as pumps, meters, spray nozzles, compressors, turbines, and much more. Y strainers can be installed in a horizontal or vertical pipeline as long as the screen is in a downward position. Straining is accomplished via an internal perforated or mesh lined straining element, the size which should be determined based on the size of the smallest particle to be removed.

Note: The straining element needs regular cleaning to prevent debris build up. It is not advisable to allow the differential pressure to increase by 20 PSI. Although cleaning normally requires the removal of the straining element, installing and using a Titan Blow-Off Drain Valve can increase the time between cleanings.
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