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My Stormy Road.....

So it has taken awhile but I finally closed the gap from level 60 to 63 across all jobs both old and new.... it was not as easy as it sounds. I am once again poised to venture deeper into the main storyline.

So far Stormblood for me has been... a bit different. The Story (no spoilers); has lets say, taken a rocky turn at about the same time I needed to kick off one of the nastiest level grinds I have had to tackle so far...

Sadly on another front; I have had issues in the past of being harassed in game, to those following this blog will already know that I actually was driven off the game for two and a half years due to harassment. Sadly a similar series of events seems to be taking place however this time from players that I am in no way involved with, honestly they just seem to be trollish random players who just enjoy giving other players a hard time.

Due to the Sporadic and Inconsistent nature of these occurrences there is nothing really I can do about them, but they are not helping my view of the ff14 community as a whole.

I am hoping this is something that will pass, if not...well...we'll see.

Between the insane grind, the harassment, and personal tragedies in my real life; honestly it has not been the best introduction to Stormblood, Though admittedly much of that cannot be laid at the feet of the expansion. It has just been terrible timing to be frank.
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