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Annabel's Musings: New content and me

Almost throughout my stint with FF14 I have always been behind the current content. At first it was because I had just started the game, but as the years went by, it became more because of my desire to write up the story, which caused me to take a very long time to complete any of the main story stuff.

Of course this in turn caused delays with all the side stuff causing a cascade effect in which I never caught up with things before new things came out. In fact, it was not till the end of 4.4 that I finally caught up with the content and was able to do 4.5 when everyone else did.

With Shadowbringers I fell behind again. I refused to burn through the whole content in one or two weeks like sooo many others did. I wanted to write it up and thus took it very slow, putting me far behind everyone else again. I finally relented in November to finish the story before writing it all up to do the raids and EX stuff with people. But this meant I had to write later. But hey, I had access to ALL the current stuff, right? Yay!

But what I have experienced this for a while, I have found out something interesting. I DON'T like it!

"WTF Annabel!" My content haters, (and probably also my friends), reading this are probably saying. "I thought you DID this to DO things with, you know, OTHERS!!!"

Well, yes, that WAS the idea, to DO do stuff like raids, primals, and all the other current stuff when everyone else did it. And all that WAS all well and good for a while.

But, as I continue this, I am finding that I do NOT like being current, it kind of sucks! I HATE having to constantly worrying about Ilevel and upgrading crap. I also hate the fact it is all so expensive and a pain in the ass to get. When I was behind, I never had to care about that. I was behind far enough that by the time I got to the next level, it had already gotten cheaper to buy the stuff since the NEW stuff was out.
I was missing the 'chase' and it was great!

Also, the difficulty of current content.....Now, I don't MIND a challenge and I have talked about this before and won't go into it again here. But, when you are current and doing new instances......People might think of me as a wimp for saying this and I don't care, I'll say it anyway. Current stuff is HARD and a lot of time a REAL pain in the ASS to deal with!

I mean it is one thing to seek out a hard thing like a EX primal, but when you are doing current MSQ dungeons and primals that you GOTTA clear, it can be a PITA to have to deal with parties that CAN'T do it and fail over and OVER again, UGH! This extends into 8 and 24 man raids. Current ones are hard for many and failures are more consistent. Sure, you do them once and clear them, YAY, over, right? WRONG! They can pop up AGAIN in roulettes when you DON'T want to do them and it is SUCH a pain when they do! I swear I have never dropped out of sooo many things as I have this last month having been caught up on stuff because I keep getting the NEW crap!!!!

When you come to this stuff late, it is easier to do. The content has aged, people know what to do mostly and are better geared to deal with it. Rushing through shadowbringers and being current had also messed up my writing, which I am REALLY pissed with myself that I did it. I am finding it hard to recount old stuff when I finally try to write it. It works sooooo much better to wait until I write up stuff I have done before moving on to the next part.

I think from now on I am not going to push through anything anymore. I am going to wait, take my time, and go slow through stuff. Yes, I will NOT be current, especially to do current instances with people, but honestly, I have found out that that is a one time experience. Once you do it with them, it just becomes old content you really don't do again unless it is a roulette. This will also REALLY help my writing and keep it focused and on track. After all, writing up the stuff IS one of the big reasons I still play this game after all these years.

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Ronove Solomon

Faerie (Aether)

Just write faster

Esper Eidolon

Diabolos (Crystal)

New content is a difficult situation to consider. I know most don’t like the fact that they make us wait for a lot of content through out a patch cycle rather then drop it all on us at once.

However if they don’t, primary content gets pushed over all others and it’s always a struggle to get caught up for end game stuffs. So I’m glad personally they do hold back a bit and extend the life of an entire patch.

Even clearing msq often is forced to be to fast yus yus

Alerica Alseone

Cactuar (Aether)

I agree, I say play at whatever pace makes you feel comfortable. For me personally my issue is my frustration trying to figure out everything on the spot all at once!
But I am getting better at that with more time, patience, and forgiveness.

I definitely think as a semi-casual player that the current content in Shb has seen a bit of an up tick in the difficulty department. Especially depending on the role you play. I always get the feeling that my healer buddy must sweat a ton on his Scholar.
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