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Day 142: Part 2


Part 2:

Soon all the annoying Sin Eaters were dead and our little group was free to make our way to the mining camp. Once there we got a look at what we were up against. They looked pretty weak and I suggested we just beat them up and take their stuff, but as USUAL my VERY efficient plan was shot down by my LAZY companions. I mean seriously, WHY do I bother even bringing anyone with me on these stupid quests, WHY?

After a mild bitchy retort, only a half hour or so. (Hey, that IS short for me!) my pacifist dwarfen companion comes up with the idea to use sleepy bombs on them to put them to sleep so he can mine the ore. I said, what a waste of resources, just send ol' Ex down to talk with them. His speeches are sooooooo boring, he'll have them all snoozing in NO time! The dirty look Ex gave me pretty much said something which I will NOT repeat here.

Sigh, since Ex was NOT willing to blab, bombs it was. Korutt went down into the quarry and when he got close to one of the miners, I knocked him out with sleepy bombs. It worked well enough and soon we had our ore. Back in town, the dwarves were quite impressed at my success and wanted to get in on the action of building this thing. They even gave me a bunch of tools to give to people, if anyone ACTUALLY showed up. Well, I am never one to pass up people willing to do my work for me, so gathered up everyone and headed back to the staging area.

Sisters, I was shocked, SHOCKED by what I saw when I got back. There were people from ALL the regions of the First there. I mean, what the hell? You mean people ACTUALLY got off their lazy asses and volunteered to help.....THEMSELVES as well as....try and save their OWN world? Seriously, you would NEVER see this in Eorzea!!!!

Minnie: "Annabel! You know VERY well you saw this in Eorzea ALL the time!"
Anna: "Lies Minnie! The ONLY time people EVER 'helped' me was if I gave them a good Bitchy beat down and threatened to raze their homes if they did not get up off their lazy asses."
MDP: "Minfilia, the Girl does have a a point. The people in Eorzea are rather lax in helping themselves in a crisis from what I've seen"
Minnie: "UGH, I think both of you are delusional. My people are NOT lazy!"
Anna: "Seriously? Minnie, I think you needed to get out of that sex palace more to SEE the truth!"
Minnie: "......"

Getting over my shock at seeing this congregation, I quickly passed out the tools I had, which were eagerly accepted by the people around me. I was at first dumbfounded, but then quickly elated. With all this willing help, maybe this crazy plan from the crazy Cat Lady would ACTUALLY work!

With everyone now equipped to do manual labor, I, for ONCE, had nothing to do, yay! But THAT was soon short lived, sigh. WHK saw my slothfulness and pretty much said, "nope, can't have that, let's check on Kitty to see how she's coming along; we might be able to help her." I mean, come ON people; I AM allowed to slack ONCE in a while!.....

Minnie: "Thank the Twelve the Scions ARE watching over you Annabel or you would NEVER get anything done! I trained them well."
Anna: "Yes Minnie, thank you sooooo much for THAT! Even in death you make my life miserable."
Minnie: (smirks) "Well Annabel, I AM here to help."
Anna: "Kiss my ass Minnie."

At the magic area, ol' Kitty was being her bitchy self, driving the gathered mages to exhaustion by making them work around the clock casting spells. Chai-Nuzz was there saying he needed multiple talos hearts to make this thing work since it was going to be so big. I groaned to think I had to do MORE work on this but for once luck was on my side. Runar, the fool who was bewitched by Bitch Cat's magic, had brought a bunch of those soul stone thingys with him. These turned out to have LOTS of the Aether stuff needed to power the Talos. This meant I needed to do NOTHING, YAY!!!

Free at last, I was told to go and relax at the tavern. No one EVER goes and tells me to relax so I expected a trap and BOY was I right! When I got there, Fat cat Duila tells me Ex had gone missing and he needed found. I KNEW it was too good to be true, AGGGH! Finally find the guy slumped on a rock, seems he had pushed himself too hard. Phhhht, yeah RIGHT! He did NOT want to help with those miners so he don't get MY sympathy! He starts going into this long rambling, but I just bopped him on the head with my staff to shut him up and lugged his ass back to town, plopping him down in front of the others and saying; "YOU look after him, I am DONE!" I then went back to Elumore and got pampered for hours while the others toiled away on the talos.

Minnie: "Annabel, you didn't....."
Anna: "Yes I did Minnie, I was NOT going to be suckered into being his babysitter again!"
MDP: "I can verify this, she was slacking off for hours while the others worked."
Anna: "'Slacking off' is SUCH a crude term. I prefer 'refreshing myself' for the next challenge ahead."
Minnie: "Annabel, you are SO full of it. If you had your way, you would NEVER be done 'refreshing yourself'."
Anna: "Yessss, your point?"
Minnie: "Ugh, will you WIN already so I can get OUT of this situation!"

Finally the Talos was ready to deploy.....

Ok, WAIT a minute! Didn't Chai-Fuzz say that making one of those things was going to take a looooong time to do? Call me crazy, but I KNOW not that much time had passed since they started this fools errand. SOMETHING is up here, and if I was not such a lazy disinterested slacker, I would get to the bottom of it!!!!!

But hey, I am so, oh well.....

MDP: "Wow......."
Minnie: "Yep, took the words right out of my mouth."

Yes, that thing was ACTUALLY ready and I came to watch as everyone did their thing to make it operational. I will not lie sisters, just SEEING this thing move was something else. It was HUGE, bigger than anything I have fought. And to think it was ACTUALLY made by the people of these lands coming together to help THEMSELVES! To say I was awestruck, stunned, and amazed would be an understatement. Now if ONLY Eorzea would get IT'S lazy act together, maybe they would not need me so much!

But of course it was NOT so easy to just grab the mountain. Nope, the Sin Eaters did NOT like what was going on and attacked the talos with fervor, trying to destroy its hands. It looked like it was working too, which greatly worried the others. Not knowing how to stop it, the solution came in a VERY pissed off Fae Queen and her cohorts who flew in to disrupt the Sin Eaters attack.

It seemed that Queen Feo was NOT happy that I did not ask for her help with the project. I'm not kidding sisters, I could hear her bitching from a good 5 malms away. Thank the TWELVE she took it out on the Sin Eaters rather than ME, THAT would NOT have been fun!"

MDP: "And THAT is what you get for aligning yourself with annoying little bugs like that."
Anna: "Would you like to discuss that with her, I can bring her here you know." (clears throat) "Oh Queen Feo, most wondrous Fae, I request your......"
MDP: "Girl, you say ANOTHER word and I WILL fry your ENTIRE pump collection!"
Minnie: "Wow, what is up with him?"
Anna: "Oh he just does not like Pixies, he had a bad experience earlier."
MDP: "THAT is an understatement!"

With the Fae's help, the Talos soon had the mountain in its huge grasp holding it in place and providing a way up to its heights. It had WORKED sisters, it had worked! The annoying Fat Vauthry was now in my grasp and soon the last Lightwarden would be taken care of and these lands totally freed.

So here I take a little break to write up this account with the talos in the distance ready to go and the sounds of Sin Eaters shrieking in the distance not knowing what to do. I am looking forward to finishing this so I can finally get back home to where things are NORMAL and not have such weird names!

Then again, back home IS Eorzea, (where NOTHING is EVER easy), so WHY do i even WANT to go back? Good question, well there IS my wife who I have NOT seen in a while. (I wonder is she even realizes I am gone? Hell, I bet she is GLAD!) And there is......hmmmm, I guess nothing. Maybe I WON'T go back, maybe I'll just stay in Eulmore and live the easy life! Hmmm, something to think about!

Your always contemplating how to live the easy life Sister;


Minnie: "Live the easy life? Annabel, I guarantee if you even TRY it without saving Hydaelyn first, I WILL haunt you for the REST of your life!"
Anna: "MINNIE! UGH, kill my dreams why don't you!" Pray tell, WHY do I even bother having you as a friend?"
Minnie: "The Echo made you insane dear."
Anna: "I KNEW it!"
MDP: (Shakes his head), "And with that, I am outta here!" (pops out)

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