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So, those Ishgard fates


Believe it or not, Miss, ME do crafting and gathering? HA!, ACTUALLY, thanks to being in the right place at the right time, participated in one of those Ishgard restoration fates. And what was it like?......

Totally, totally SILLY!!!!!!!

For those you don't know, THIS is what you do when you are in one.

A. go to a material pile, click on it to get stuff.
B. go to a workshop area, click on it to make something.
C. go to a (forget the name) area, click on it to help complete the area.
D. Repeat ad nauseum until the main bar is complete, (all the while putting up with HUNDREDS of other players going in and out because of item overloading) and THEN for your efforts the next area magically appears instantly and it's ALL over until the next time.

Yep people THAT's IT! That's ALL that happens in this and it takes about 10 min to do and it's done!

Yes people, THIS is what people are fretting over, crying, and bitching about missing and not getting to do it. THIS is what people forsake sleep over for a chance to participate in the fate.

Honestly, it is a whole lot of NOTHING! You do it once and you have seen it ALL people. I don't see any reason to do it over and over. Sure, if you have not done one, knock yourself out and make an effort to get the experience. But once you got to see it, I see little reason to do it over and over again.

Ok, you DO get the scrip and actually lots of exp if you are not 80 for doing it. But still, it is NOT something to lose sleep over and control your life for.

But some people DO obsess over game stuff like this, and I just shake my head and sigh.

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Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie (Aether)

Yeah I saw, but it was INSTANT! one second it was not there, the next the new stuff...was. There was no cut scene with any kind of panning showing the new area, it just all....appeared.

Honestly, the only difference between being there and not being there is getting to be one of the first to see the result of it. But if you go later, you still get to see the result, just without hordes of people around you. ;p

I just didn't think it was all really worth it, I expected something more...showy.

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