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Modern Girl: Call me, Maybe? Chapter 3 part 4

Part 4:

Annabel bit her lip in worry as she watched the two women conversing. Despite the obvious subject, Annabel would give her monthly allowance to know what they were talking about. Well, ALMOST a month, maybe a weeks worth. A couple days maybe?......

"Your eyes are going to fall out if you keep staring any harder honey," Selene quipped. "Are her fashions THAT interesting to you? Honestly, I don't think you could handle the look."

Annabel ignored the fairy's comments, instead asking a question in return. "Selene, is there anyway to hear them?"

"Um yeah, just get your lazy fat ass over to where they are, then you can hear with no problem."

"Gee, I had never thought of THAT, thanks", Annabel said with dripping sarcasm in her voice; "and call me fat one more time and there WILL be a splatted bug on this floor. I meant from HERE you stupid fairy."

"Um, did you SAY here oh ditzy Blonde? NOW who's the one being stupid? Well deary, you are in luck, for I happen to have the ability to listen from long distances. Hold on a sec."

Annabel felt a slight shifting of Selene in her hair. As she was not able to see above her, the young woman had no idea what the fairy was actually doing. "Ok", Selene called down, "wait for it.....there, got em. Ok, let's see what they are saying. Hmmmmm....."

"Well? Come on, tell me!" Annabel said rather impatiently and too loudly to boot; making a couple of passersby look at her like she was crazy. She lowered her voice, "don't MAKE me beg bug."

"Oooo, I would LOVE to hear that," Selene giggled then relented. "Fine oh impatient one," she cleared her high voice.

"Is she REALLY your sister, you don't seem at ALL related...."
"Yes, unfortunately she is, an embarrassment to our family I'm sorry to admit...."
"You don't say? I can believe it from the few minutes I have been with her. She gives blondes everywhere a bad name....."

"Selene", Annabel hissed, "they are NOT saying that!"

"How do YOU know honey, I'm the one hearing it. I can't help it if you don't like my translation."

"Damn it Selene," the frustrated blonde said, "look, are you going to help me keep that book from her or not? Having it fall into her hands will not be good for EITHER of us."

"What is the big deal silly? I TOLD you, the grimoire CAN'T be far from you. If it is, it will just pop right back where you are. So that dear Miss Rhodes over there cannot take it away."

"And just WHAT do I TELL people when that stupid book happens to 'pop' RIGHT next to me when I don't expect it to? 'Sorry, it's not MY book, I have NO idea where it came from.'"

"Just say, 'um, look at me, would a stupid ditz like me ACTUALLY know anything about books? I'm too busy looking into my mirror fiddling with my hair.'"

"SELENE", Annabel said a bit too loudly causing even more people to look at her oddly. She turned quickly away and said in a lower tone. "you are NOT helping fairy."

"Funny, I just gave you a perfect alibi for when that book...", the fairy stopped when she heard Annabel's growl. "Fine, know, I never had any of these kinds of problems when I bonded to REAL Scholars."

"And I never had any of these kinds of problems", Annabel retorted, "when I had....oh Hell, I never HAD these kinds of problems till I met YOU!"

"And we all know WHO to thank for THAT Annabel sweety."

"Fuck you Selene"

"Back at you honey, back at you. Look as much as I would like to bitch at you all night for getting me into this, I GUESS I better help you before you start crying like a little bitch."

"Um, I have NEVER cried like a 'little bitch' around you," Annabel retorted back.

"You look the type."

Annabel looked aghast, "I do NOT!"

This loud comment attracted the attention of the two women, and the both looked up curious to see what was going on with Annabel. They were confused to see her seemly alone which caused Adora to call out; "Annabel, is everything alright over there?"

Looking slightly embarrassed at the outburst but seeing an opening, Annabel hurried over, heels clicking loudly on the floor. Caught off-guard, Selene had to rapidly adjust herself back into position before she was seen. "Oh", the young blonde said as she reached the duo, "it was just a reaction to something someone said to me in passing; but never mind me, what is going on here, do you find any of these volumes interes..."

Just then, a sound came from Adora's jacket. Looking somewhat annoyed, Adora reached in and pulled out her cell phone to look at the number, then her expression changed to one of resigned acceptance.

"Miss Rhodes will you excuse me, I need to take this call; I'll try not to be long, in the meantime my sister will keep you company. Annabel", Adora said, turning to her sister; "stay with her until I get back and help her out the best you can." With that, Adora left the two women and went to the other side of the booth as she chatted with whomever had called her.

"So, Miss Rhodes", Annabel began.

"Please", Arianna said, interrupting her; "Arianna, Miss Rhodes sounds so formal."

"Ok....Arianna.....Hmmm", Annabel paused for a moment, thinking. "Your name has 'Anna' in it, do people ever call you that?"

Arianna shook her head negatively. "No not really, usually they say Aria, I don't mind it. "

"Aria....I like it, it's nice and short. Arianna IS kind of a mouthful."

"And what about you Miss Ashcroft", Aria asked, "do people usually call you Anna?"

Annabel nodded; "Yeah sometimes, for some reason those 3 letters at the end tend to be very hard for people to say." She shrugged, "go figure."

"Do you mind if I call you Anna then? Miss Ashcroft is kind of a mouthful too."

Annabel conceded, "as long as you let me call you Aria."

Aria smiled, "deal."

"So then Aria", Annabel said moving on to why she had come over, "these books, did any of them interest you? They're a lot like the other one aren't they and I think prettier too."

"Well", Aria said with a bit of doubt in her voice; "I don't know about their physical look, but the insides of them are fascinating, so much odd writing and those illustrations, wow! When I found the one I have I thought it was unique, but it seems I was wrong with your collection here. It kind of makes me wonder how many of these things are truly around in the world."

And I HAD to stumble upon one, lucky me, Annabel thought. Seeing this woman talking so enthusiastically about them made Annabel wonder just HOW involved she really was with these books; and didn't Selene say Aria had an inducer on her? She looked at Aria's outfit more intently; yes, there it was, an odd looking piece of jewelry. Unlike Annabel's butterfly broach this one was a necklace, though how one used it to 'stick' themselves to draw blood Annabel had no idea, maybe a hidden blade that popped out? She wondered if Aria DID know of the thing's function, and where in the hell did she get the damn thing anyway? Well, there was ONE way to find out.

"Um, Aria, your necklace"; Annabel pointed to the the inducer. "That's a rather unusual piece of jewelry, where did you get it if you don't mind me asking?"

Aria looked a bit surprised at the question being such a different subject than what they were talking about, but she recovered quickly. Aria reached for the necklace and held it up for Annabel to see it more clearly. It wasn't anything really special looking, just a gold disc with a red jewel in the center. It looked like a ruby but Annabel could not be sure. There was also some small writing along the edges, but it was way too small for her to make out at this distance. Looking at the thing more closely, Annabel still wondered just how exactly this thing, 'induced.'

"This? It's rather unusual isn't it? Actually, it's funny you should ask about it because I actually found it the same time as the book; they were both together believe it or not." Aria let go of the necklace and it bounced back with a slight jingling sound. "Why they were", she gave a shrug, "who knows."

So the secret has remained hidden to her? Then why the interest in other volumes? Despite her nature, Annabel was intrigued by this question. Was she really just some weird woman who had an unhealthy interest in old, ugly books, or was something....else?

Before the intrigued blonde could ask though, her sister came into view saying; "I'm terribly sorry Miss Rhodes for the interruption, I hope my sister has not been too taxing on you."

"No, no", Aria said with a smile. "Miss Ashcroft was very pleasant company."

"Oh?" Adora looked visibly relieved, "I'm glad. Ok dear", she said, turning to Annabel, "I'll take it from here, I believe Miss Rhodes has almost made a decision on what she wants. While we're discussing finalities, why don't you go and take a little break, walk around, see the rest of the exhibits."

Annabel made a sight face, this was Adora's typical not so subtle way of telling her to get lost and NOT butt into her business dealings. Well she could take a hint.

"Whatever you say sis, about time I got a chance to rest," never mind that she just got OFF a break, though a short one. Oh well, she was not one to waste a chance to slack off. "Miss Rhodes, I hope you pick one that suits your needs and it was nice to meet you."

"You too Anna", Aria said. "Oh, and I like your brooch too, rather unusual design, isn't it?" Then she turned to Adora and the two began once more chatting?

Walking off, Annabel said half to herself, "What the hell was THAT all about, unusual design? does she know?...."

"Well," Selene commented from above, "she has one, what do YOU think? Oh wait, I better take that back, I don't want anymore of a headache tonight listening to you TRYING to make sense of things."

"Well, get the pills out bug, cause it's going to be a long night."

"Damn It”, the fairy said as she groaned, “me and my big mouth."

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Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie (Aether)

Yes people, STILL writing it, it's just taken me an, (admittedly), long while to get the next one out with me playing catch-up with the MSQ. I'll try to be more prompt with the next chapter.

Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie (Aether)

I'm amazed how fast this is zooming up in the views, I just guess people really missed Modern Girl.

I think you just like Selene being bitchy! ;p

Alestrae Vanrys

Louisoix (Chaos)

Almost a year long hiatus for me, and I'm even further behind. Great to see you ARE still keeping this up.

Mahdi Draaken

Faerie (Aether)

great chapter!!
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