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Annabel's M.I.N.E adventures: Bugs and Knights

So I recently joined another MINE Static, this one focusing on the Heavensward EX Primals. (it's actually the one I did Shiva and Space whale with). This week was Ravana for the start.

Oh, sadly I was NOT doing it as a WHM this time but as a Bard, so I was DPSing these.

Ravana was a bit of a surprise. I knew nothing about the EX version, (in fact, I did not even watch a video), and knew nothing about the mechanics. In the EX version he does a LOT of shields, I mean a LOT, and you have to know how to read the signs so you know where to go to hit him. Other than the shields, many of the attacks are what you see in the normal mode, just a lot faster so you got to be on the ball to move to the proper areas to avoid them. The adds were not bad and easily dealt with. In fact, it only took three tries to clear him, which surprised me. People said later that he does not have very many hit points and he goes down rather quick with a competent group, which I guess we were. ;p

So, bug squished, time for the next one. This time it was Thordan EX.....yeah, THAT Thordan.....the EX primal many people consider to be the hardest one in FF14........and I was doing it at MINE level.......EEK!

First off let me say. HOLY CRAP, this was HARD, I mean REALLY mind numbing, terrifying, deer in the headlights HARD!!!!!! and I thought SoS EX had lots of mechanics. Thordan laughs at that and says, "oh you silly young whipper-snapper Elidibus, let me show you HOW it's DONE!

Oh, and did I say I was doing it TOTALLY blind? Yeah, I was Screwed!

So the leader told us about the mechanics, gave us clock positions and were off. So how did we do?

Surprisingly well. Yeah, we died lots, messed up lots, and struggled lots. It was all a confusing stressful mess of AOE's, knockbacks, target attacks, puddles, stacks, gazes, adds, towers, and it REALLY got bad when 3 or 4 mechanics showed up at once.

But, we ended the night with hard enrage at 6%.

That's right people, we went in BLIND for many of us, and got a 6% hard enrage on one of the hardest EX primals in FF14, at the minimum I-level possible and NO Echo. HA!

And this only after about a hour and 15 min of practice on it.

Ok, admittedly, we DID have discord callouts, but still, I think that is damn good. Seriously, that fight is HARD with SOOOOOOO much going on.

So next week we will continue doing it and I hope to report a clear. That will be a real feather in the cap saying I cleared Thordan EX at the original difficulty. ;-)

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Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie (Aether)

Well this is a little surprising. This is less than a day old and already has hundreds of views, far more actually than any post I have put out in the last month. I am curious why since there is really nothing I can see that would make people want to look at it compared to my other MINE posts.

Lodestone, I will NEVER understand you. ;-)

Mahdi Draaken

Faerie (Aether)

great work anna!

Siglinde Skysworn

Sargatanas (Aether)

Congrats! and good luck with Thordan too!

I have heard that Thordan is among the toughest of EX primals, up there with Shinryu EX.

While jobs now do more dps at level 60 and have simplified job mechanics, it will still be a significant achievement to clear while synced, doubly so at minimum ilvl.
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