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Annabel's M.I.N.E adventures: Blue mage

I found something very interesting that I did not know about concerning Blue mage and their achievements.

Did you know that there are a WHOLE lot of achievements for them that involve doing stuff MINE level?

I did not know this and only found it out yesterday when I had joined a party of blues doing Shiva EX for the weekly log bonus. After doing it I found that I had gotten an achievement for some reason. Curious, I looked at it and saw that it was for doing the fight with a party of all Blues at minimum I-level and the Echo off. So that means the leader had done the fight MINE level.

To say I was surprised was an understatement. I am not a achievement whore and could really care less about most of them, so I never looked at the ones Blue mage had. But seeing the one I had gotten, I went in and looked at the rest of them to see what there was.

It seems that for every EX primal and big boss's of the 8 man raid tiers from 50 to 70 there is an achievement for doing them with a full party of Blue mage's MINE.

It makes me wonder how many people actually go for these because doing things MINE level is very, very hard. Sure you got the special stuff of Blue mages, but it's got to be a real bitch trying to tank those as a Blue tank spec. In addition, you got limited raises with the cool down on the rez spell being so long. And of course, you REALLY need to know the mechanics for the fight for most of those too.

Since I have done many of those achievements MINE level already with other fights, I would be curious to see if I could get a chance to do more of them. Only thing is I would most certainly need that rez spell to attempt it, not having it makes me too much of a liability to the rest of the group.

But who knows WHEN I will ever get it, 29 is such a BITCH to do! Oh well, maybe one day.

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