Kahori Harukawa

die Weiße

Coeurl (Crystal)

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In a number of days, I have many destinations around my corner. Old Sharlayan. Radz-at-Han. Labyrinthos. Thavnair. Garlemald. Mare Lamentorum. And all points in between. I am a woman of principles that I gained from the time I spent. I remembered the voice of my father and his memories. They are in me and I have to use them as my motivation.

Sometimes, I sleep for the longest time in my apartment. I remember the warmth and smile of my baby, whose importance I need to protect when I am out there. I often sleep for bells and bells, never knowing when I will wake up. I see visions of people and other races joining as one, fighting as one, burning with emotions and spirit in the name of the things that matter.

I have visions of my past encounters with important people. Yoshi-Papa often talks to me about the long battles to come. I see many faces, many faces of good people and bad people. I see people in different jobs and roles, in all sizes and races, looking towards the horizon, their weapons drawn, the determined smiles on their faces shown all plain for the world to see.

The voice of the Mother of the Crystal, in the flesh, doing what amounts to a jojo pose before extending her arms in a welcoming oblation. Two birds, a bluebird and a silver dasher, flying and dancing as one while Golion Nyuunyuu observes as a witness in the shade. A chorus line of half-naked Hrothgars and male Viera doing the Moonlift Dance to the tunes of my husband's favorite Italo Disco classics back in Limsa, the ship setting sail for Old Sharlayan in the distance as the skies give way to a cool star-laced evening, the full moon rising on the make.

All in all, I have a duty to reconcile father with son and daughter before it is too late. I believe that Fourchenault can still see to reason before he pays the price with his life. He is not beyond saving until fate dictates it so. As I continue to do my regular hunts and commitments to the pixies to maybe sneak in extra imporved gear, I know full well that my journeys are going to be ones where I need to be at my best. I am at a crossroads.
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