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Just something I want to say...#12

Frontline Commanding!!

I think I have a knack for leadership on the frontline. Not good but not the worse at commanding. I mark targets and choose when and where to push and because of this we're able to penetrate deeply into the enemy and get points or hold the line. As a samurai I'm able to mark the target I'll be planning to burst and then have our dps or tank cc and focus on the enemies one by one-quickly. It has worked very well so far. Being in the fight with everyone rather than away I'm able to make situational calls since I'm fighting alongside everyone and understand the severity of retreating and advancing.

For the most part my experience when I command in the heat of the battle has turned out well. I tried to bring that talent in my most recent fight at secure but unlike other times I was met with some heavy backlash with rebellious players going against my calls and outright ignoring them. This is not new to me but this one took the cake. I've made only 2 calls that last battle and they ignored all of them and they blamed our performance on my calls. Then they proceeded to ridicule me and accuse me of being an elitist and sarcastically say that I'm the "best player" and "should make the decisions". I never said or conveyed any of that.

Most of my wins on the frontline are due to me leading not because I'm being carried-so I earned those victories. I think with my winnings I should have the credibility to make calls, right? When do we get the acknowledge or a small fraction of respect for just simply trying to win? You get people who talk smack about other people's winnings when they're not even in the top 100. Funny right? I might have NOTHING on feast because my talent does not lie in small skirmishes but rather big fights. I like working in a bigger team.

You know, I heard that on the Japanese servers..their leadership and commanding is totally different compared to ours on aether-it's really organized and specific, the player base there have a different culture to ours and their fights are usually close fights which shows how good all the alliance leaders are and their acknowledgement to the shot callers. I just wish we had more of these types of players. I mean, our enemies are the people fighting against us not the ones fighting alongside us. This mentality of seeing allies as enemies is the cause of rebellious players.

Just something I wanted to rebellious players are pretty damn annoying. There's only two groups of people in this planet...people who get things done and people who get in the way.

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