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Safe Haven

It has been a while since I've made an entry here. Mostly because I've got the habit of putting off the game when life gets chaotic and forgetting about it for a few months.

The last I put it down was when I was about to finish the Stormblood expansion then I was pushed back to work, then award shows came around, then I had to manage my mom's estate again, then I was too depressed to keep going in my old job so I had to resign. So on and so forth.

But in all this chaos, I've always found solace in video games. Just as an escape from all the world is throwing at us. Even just for an hour or two per day refreshes me and was a quick reminder to keep going, that the world is still full of adventures and there's still plenty of expansions and stories to go through.

I've jumped through different games since I've stopped playing final fantasy last May but none of them had that longevity factor I've been craving.

You see, I think I'm in that stage of my life where I just want to do one thing and one thing right. I used to jump around multiple interests. Played around with writing copy and doing art in my job with a side of 3d and programming. Even in video games, I played different games at the same time while maintaining multiple accounts in different online games.

It was exhausting, as much as I loved my different interests, I find myself not getting anywhere with any of them. Jack of all trades, master of none, kinda like how I play my red mage, doing melee and magic and then a little healing on the side.

So after I resigned in my last job (real-world job), I decided to shave down my interest. Now I just focus on doing art direction and I find it more efficient and more fulfilling. I learned to rely on other people for the things I couldn't do instead of trying to do it myself (and failing miserably adding to the depression).

As for video games, I decided to just focus on playing Final Fantasy XIV since I don't have that much free time anymore. Now I'm discovering parts of the games that I haven't seen in the almost 3 years (roughly 4 months of actual playtime).

Now there's a quarantine in my country, I find myself playing a little more than usual and I'm almost done with the Shadow Bringers MSQ and I find myself falling in love with this game more each quest I take.

I look forward to more adventures with you guys and to continue to see the wonders of both our beloved Eoreza and the real world.

See you Source side Warriors of Light.
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