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Diego Gongaga

Kujata (Elemental)

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Alright, let me get one thing straight, I totally get the purpose of the random timer but what I don't get it why can't there be a better system?

In this week alone, I gave my chances up for a small house(in Goblet mind you) 3 times. I queued there for like hours waiting for the timer to be up, someone just comes along and queue with me. Not that I mind but I hate competition, I figured if I stay and fight, I might get a house but if I don't I'm really gonna get pissed, so I gave up each time. And where's the fairness in that? I stood there for 5 hours and for nothing.
most would probably say, it's my fault for giving up and it probably is. But like a normal person, I have work/school and responsibilities.

We can't all just camp there for whole 20 hours or whatever. I don't wish to stay up queuing then fighting for a house and losing in the end then sacrificing my sleep and wellbeing. Really, it's really heartbreaking to wait for something and to lose to someone who put in less effort. I don't blame them of course. The house isn't mine to begin with.

But SE really needs to level the playing field for everyone. Especially for people who queued early or something.
Get a property agent system maybe. Where they will add you to a queue to the first house available, the more you filter the less chance you get. And if you refuse to accept the housing that was given you lose the deposit and the deposit should be like 50% of the house. And if you just weren't on the day that they prompt you, you just lose the queue.
I mean, I know it's easy to talk but I really believe SE should come up with a fairer deal. They are being paid the big bucks so they probably have better ideas. Just not the current one.
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Misa Ayuzawa

Behemoth (Primal)

I really like your idea. And I agree.. waiting for hours is total BS.

What bothers me the most. I see many occupied homes and rarely see people actually using them. Very little effort in design and very little activity in the neighborhoods,

Also, the UI for decorating the home sucks. I see posts here and there of people spending 25mil for design. Like wow. Why does it have to be that way to get a nice home.

R'ehya Lucifura

Ragnarok (Chaos)

There was once a time not so long ago a LOT of houses got available again.

I think the current system is based on pure randomness, meaning that yes, it is not fair. I think it's mostly meant to fight bots (idk how they work, I just assume completely here). I think the current system wants you to come from time to time, and try once, then come back again. That way, you won't sacrifice too much health. It's not worth it buddy. Finding a good sys fighting bots is... :/

It's like a lottery game.
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