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[E2S] Void Walk With Me!


The Journey into Savage 7
A casual scrub's raiding misadventures

Mechanics spoilers for Eden's Gate: Descent (Savage) follow!

Over the weekend, I took a break from FFXIV, busied myself with work, and got lots of sleep. (My DPS is lower when I don't have enough sleep, because I mess up combos.) And today I challenged the second boss of Eden Savage, Voidwalker!

Just like in normal mode, the main gimmick of this boss is Spell-in-waiting, and the boss tries very, very hard to trick you into stacking when you should spread, and spreading when you should stack.

For example, during the first Spell-in-waiting sequence, a stack marker, gaze (lookaway) marker, and 2 casts of Hellwind (reduces target player's HP to 1, the red globe marker) all go off simultaneously. If the players with Hellwind stack, they will be killed by the stack. If the player marked with gaze stacks in view of other players, the whole raid will be petrified. By the way, if you are petrified, taking any damage will 1-shot you. MT beware!

The correct solution is as follows. Everyone stack S of the boss, the players with Hellwind move to the sides, and the player with the gaze marker move a little bit more S, so they are out of everyone's view.

It also tries to bait you into moving too early. For example, this "towers" mechanic requires a player to stand in each circle, or the raid receives heavy raidwide damage. However, the boss casts hellwind on 2 dps immediately before, and entering the circle does light damage to players. The player with Hellwind must wait until healer heals him/her before moving into the tower. If they are too hasty, they enter the tower with 1 HP and die.

However, the sequence of mechanics is always the same, making it a matter of memorizing when you have to move. For example, during the first spell-in-waiting sequence, I realized don't need to do anything at all for 90% of it as MT. The aoe markers are not my concern, and the stack marker resolves when the boss finishes casting Hellwind, so I only move S to stack with the party when I see the boss begin casting. And if I have the gaze mechanic marker, I will stack further S, max melee range so no other players are affected.

On our very 2nd pull, we almost got to 1st flares! Sadly, many players were tired (it was very late at night in NA, so most NA players are sleepy) and we could not get there consistently due to mistakes.

We had to go through 2 rounds of looking for replacements in PF, so our progress was slow and intermittent. However, after 90 minutes of fighting, I feel I know everything up to the start of 1st flares. I hope to join 1st flares progression parties again later and learn as much of the fight as possible. Lesson learned, get enough sleep before doing Savage.

Don't get bitter, just get better! Let's clear together next time!

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Lil Cairn

Masamune (Mana)

The second flare phase is where the fun begins!

Siglinde Skysworn

Sargatanas (Aether)

For me right now, it is more scary than fun, haha. Thanks for posting your video of your clear! I watched it to help learn the fight, and it was very helpful.
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