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[E2S] The No Man's Land of Clear Parties


The Journey into Savage 10
A casual scrub's raiding misadventures

I couldn't find a "2nd flares prog" party today, but another learning party caught my eye. "Fresh prog through enrage," it said. "2 Veterans teaching."

I jumped in at once! I was shocked to see not one but 2 golden weapons:

Those weapons are from the Coils of Bahamut (Ultimate), probably the single hardest fight in the game. I am always amazed when I see experienced raiders joining clear parties to instruct, to help clear, or sometimes even hosting parties just to teach. (Consider that a lot of people will not even care to explain mechanics in normal trials, probably because you can still clear with half the party dead on the floor.)

What do they stand to gain? Why spend 2-3 hours teaching newbies for free? We really could not expect their help. They had no ulterior motive. They were friendly and patient and humorous.

Our veteran teachers were a trio of a husband and wife tank/healer team, WAR and WHM, who brought a BLM friend. Spouses have a bad reputation among raiders, but these players played with great skill. Our WHM did callouts, and advised the SCH in our party as well. "It's better to indom here. Make sure you have sacred soil for that." etc. The WAR was MT, since he said WAR is easier to heal, and I learned much from observing his positioning of the boss - previously I had always been MT and worked out positioning on my own.

By the way, at one point the BLM hit 17k dps near the end of the fight. I did not know this grade of firepower even existed (!!!)

I was skeptical that a fresh learning party can reach enrage, but before 1 lockout was up, I saw the enrage of Voidwalker for the first time - at 15%. We got in 2.5 hours of strong practice, and I learned to do the final phase, Quietus, properly. Many NA raiders consider it the hardest part of the fight, and the swarms of adds that give damage down and vuln up wipe many parties. Surprisingly, I soon got the hang of it.

I had read a helpful tip that there is space to stand safely between 2 Doomvoid Guillotine adds, like this:

This helps greatly when getting into position for this phase. It is important to practice this on early Guillotines so that you can do it correctly later, because parties struggle to reach the final phase.

On the final enrage I asked about my DPS and was told it was 7,470 (I drank 2 grade 1 str tincture for this pull). In general, my dps does not drop below 7k unless I die. At last I felt qualified to go for the clear, thanked my party and joined the endless crowds looking to join clear parties.

But my confidence immediately suffered a hit because my first clear attempt went horribly, haha. I was MT this time, and died during Quietus several times because I was not used to doing it from the 12 o'clock position. I was able to learn it after several pulls, but it became clear that the party could not reach Quietus consistently and with enough margin of DPS to clear, and we disbanded.

This is really a fight that tolerates no error. Every wipe was due to someone standing 1 step out of place, casting 1 second late, moving 1 second early, etc.

Even in my one clear attempt, people said they had been trying to clear for 3 weeks and saw enrages of anywhere from 3% to 0.1%. On Sunday I checked Reddit, and saw plenty of horrible stories about E2S, each one scarier than the last. One person's static is at 94 wipes and 11% enrage. Another guy said they only cleared after 268 wipes.

I don't know whether to believe these stories - they sound too horrible to be true.

I decided to stop reading reddit. There's no point reading things that will only demoralize myself.

And I should not be intimidated: I feel confident in my knowledge of the mechanics and my dps. I also know from experience that I perform well on fights with very predictable movement like this. Besides, while a battle that allows no error sounds frightening, in real life we perform far more complex tasks every day. Take driving for example, reacting 1 second too slow or straying 1 meter to either side could just as easily result in disaster. (Wait a minute... now driving sounds super scary. Lol!) I resolved to join clear parties every day so that the memory of the fight remains fresh in my mind, and continue to practice doing the mechanics without error.

I remember how I was carried through O10S by 4 very skilled raiders. I have never before cleared a 2nd Savage floor on my own strength.

This, then, is the real test of whether I have grown as a player. Can I achieve a breakthrough? Or will I be left behind with those who cannot clear? There's only one way to find out. Into the no man's land of clear parties I go.

Don't get bitter, just get better! Let's clear together next time!

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Kommentare (6)

Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie (Aether)

Thanks Siggy dear, I will have nightmares from that video! ;p

Just GIT GOUD MAN! ;-)

Siglinde Skysworn

Sargatanas (Aether)

Trust me Annabel when you have seen enough of them they are no longer scary. just incredibly annoying, hahaha.

It does not help that I am 99% certain the hitbox of the add is not in its body but in front of it. I read that some other mechanics in Savage were designed this way (Missiles in O7S). The idea is to help compensate for latency, but it just makes the whole thing misleading.

Yes, there is nothing left to do but git gud myself. The rest is in the hands of God and my teammates!

Felsea Stryfe

Lich (Light)

Seems this is one of those fights. E1 was a 52k raid wide dps check....e2 is 72. Your right, everything has to be spot on even the dps. I believe in you 100% Sig!!! d_(^.^)_b

Siglinde Skysworn

Sargatanas (Aether)

Thanks a ton Felsea! I cleared it at last!

I really appreciate your support. It's thanks to you and others who encouraged me that I could do it!

Felsea Stryfe

Lich (Light)

Awesome!!!!! Sooo good bro!! Raider4life!! Week5!!!! Yeeeboi

Felsea Stryfe

Lich (Light)

Edit!! WEEK4!!!!! U got this Levi is easier imo. Gogetim!!
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