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Duocycle Journeys 5: Dressed up and Revved up!

After Staying in Gridania for a while, greeting the people who helped me start my adventures, I decided to get ready to continue my journey north.

I tried on new clothes for the road and with all my experiences in my adventures, I decided to go light.
I know it will be very cold up north, but I guess I want something that I can move more freely~

After saying my farewells to Mother Miounne and getting a heartwarming cheer, I set on to my journey.

Walking to the West gate, I passed by the Aetheryte Plaza.

Looking at all the Adventurers around, both Veterans and Newbies, I remmebered a lot of things I've been through and how these floating Crystals called Aetherytes really helped making my journey a lot more bearable.

I have used the Aetherytes so much that I might have been depending on them too much.
Being able to go to many places all around the star is convenient. They can even send me to places that doesn't make sense.

But for now, I will not use them unless I have to. [or when I pause on my journey and do duties, events or random things immediately, haha].

Though it's quite early in the morning...
I guess it's time for me to leave Gridania and get back on the road.
Off I go!
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