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Duocycle Journeys 6: Entering Coerthas

I do not have much to share as the road from all the way to Fallgourd Float was mostly uninteresting.
There were big mushrooms.
Soon, the dirt became harder.
Cliff all around.

I'd say, If I was on foot, it would have been treacherous.

Soon the snow started to pile up and the wind began to bite my cheeks...

Yup I'm in Coerthas,

Snow here.
Snow there.
Goobbue here.
Snow there.

You know it's cold when the Ice Sprites are visible.

I better get to that outpost on the foot of the Astrologians' Observatory soon and warm up.
The "Inspector should be there checking on stuff we have to do.

I got here past midnight and I don't see the "inspectot" yet so I guess I could rest for a bit by the fire and wait.

As soon as morning arrived, I heard howling and barking... Sigh...
Once again the snow wolves are attacking...
They are a thin bunch... why do these wolves stay in these places when theres no more food to be had...
I guess they don't have any choice huh.

Well, I can't just do nothing. I might as well help defend as I test this new Scythe I got from the Edgy old Lady back in Ul'dah.

With that done, the Inspector finally arrived.
Where was he when the wolves attacked?

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