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Castrums and Clubbing

So... a lot to update on! Honestly, I've been hitting the bars and clubs in between the fights, a warrior of light has got to unwind somehow! I really should be keeping track of which clubs to review for here!

The plan to talk to a primal in order to avoid fighting didn't work at all- I had to fight Lakshmi, the Ananta's god. We left pretty quickly after because well, the Ananta weren't really open to discussion.

We redirected our goal back to Ala Ghiri, which the Imperials deserted before we even got there- apparently the leader had helped the city and heard us coming, so he sent the troops back home to avoid bloodshed. So naturally, the next goal was Specula Imperatoris.

The Imperials... We don't know what they were thinking, but they fired on the tower- killing their own men to kill ours! Lyse and Alphinaud are all right, but Conrad... Lyse is devastated.

She promised to take the role of the leader, but it still weighs on her. She feels better knowing that I'm around and will help whenever.

The cannon that fired the brutal shot only fired once, so we checked out the place later to learn that the cannon was assaulted by a single person... but who could that even be? No time to find out answers, we prepared another assault to overthrow Castrum Abania.

It was awful. We won, but at what cost? We couldn't take down Fordola- the one who called the shot. Lyse was enraged, but Fordola is not the same as she once was... she even has some new superpower, we're certain the Garleans have operated on her like that other dude in Doma Castle. She even struck down Alisaie! Alphinaud said she'll make a recovery, but it'll take some time. We're working on transporting her to a safer place, as young civilians tend to get kind of backstabby here- we already had to deal with some of them.

Raubahn also took Lyse and I to his hometown- an incredibly small one at that. There were words still written on his home that Lyse's father wrote himself. It's seemed to help lift Lyse's spirits a bit. Liberty or death...

Currently, we'll be making a journey to Rhalgr's Reach to speak with someone, but I still sneak out to attend parties from time to time.

Oh yeah! I've been recruiting horses from some extremely hard trials, and I've finished my stable! Aren't they so cute?

Also to add, I met M'Zhet, a young Miq'ote from M'Naago's tribe, or well, was trying to be- he kept challenging the current Nunh, M'Naago's father. I helped train him and learned that his own father was once the second Nunh, as the tribe was huge, but since the numbers dwindled... his father left with M'Zhet and sacrificed himself by turning to stone to stop frenzied creatures from storming the tribe, but abandoned poor M'Zhet in the process. Such a sad tale... M'Zhet is currently back in the tribe as a Tia, and is working to become a great leader like his father someday.
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