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The No Spoils, Late Review- Final Fantasy 7 Remake

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Before I begin I would like to state that I do not like reviews just before or just after the games are released. I also try to avoid spoilers as much as possible and I hope that is appreciated and helpful for any interested in reading.

Final Fantasy 7 is the game where jrpgs all started for me. My next door neighbor (whom is my husband today) has the PlayStation and he got his hands on final fantasy 7 some time after its initial release. Today we still have the original discs and a version on the PlayStation 3/PSP, PS4 and finally my Switch.

I will state, due too how many things have changed over the years, to me it is hard to get back into the classics with turn based styles. But they are quite fun none the less still. What’s more important about final fantasy 7 is the lasting effect it has had. Not just perhaps on myself and a handful of others, but video games as a whole to this day. With the release of FF7 we saw a rise in overall interest in jrpgs in the west.

Perhaps it was due to the amount of time they could take compared to playing Mario 64, or perhaps because everyone loved Tifas outfit. The game set a new bar which, for over a decade kept selling as one of the top sales in video games. Today it still sells, being widely available on every Current platform and is in a bit better quality then prior release.

Finally after twenty three years from the original release, final fantasy 7 has its remake. With it came a big amount of concern from long time fans, which are very warranted. There are many big questions a lot may have about it.

1-Full Year Exclusive to PlayStation 4 only.
What this means is the game is currently not available on anything but the PlayStation 4. A massive problem for long time fans whom may no longer be riding the Sony train. This will also effect the ultimate income of the games initial release due to exclusivity to one platform over three entirely and may in fact be a repeating theme for games future.

2- The game released is only part 1.
Part one, of unknown amounts ahead for this game being at 60$ or 80 if you purchased the deluxe and then more around 329$ for the ultimate collectors. Needless to state this is a massive worry for fans whom are often stating “I’ll wait till it’s finished.” You can of course wait if you wish but your fears are unwarranted if you thought perhaps the game would be too short.
Though the game only takes part in the first few hours of the original, they definitely took the time and poured in a lot of love to every area of Midgar seen. When you genuinely learn to care about characters you never gave a second thought about, that alone tends to change the game significantly.
Aside from this is also how long each chapter of the game will take. Do not expect to defeat this game in original games time, even if you should skip cutscenes, and side quests, it will not happen.

3- is it really worth it?
To answer this question, I have to state I can not speak for everyone. However, to me it was worth every $ spent and has great replay value. With the game even being set to be replayed as often as you wish.

What I enjoyed personally about the game was how big of a love letter it seems to be to the long time fans. Answering a lot of questions we may have had for a long time while also retelling a story not entirely the same! By the end of the game, I wished it had not ended but realized I had spent sixty hours doing everything I could at this point.

For those whom enjoy challenge and difficulty, you should be pleasantly surprised to know you can not 100% the game without completing it in hard mode, which includes things for you to grab only in hard mode, and enemies you can only defeat in hard mode. Hard mode is unlocked after the game has been finished, thus keeping you the player further engaged longer.

-Hard mode also removes the ability to use items. Which makes you wonder what else they could do for more difficulty along the way!

-Battle and materia are very well thought out, and allows for a multitude of ways to deal with battles and boss fights.

-Weapons are upgradable fo fit what kind of style you want for your characters.

-choices made in game make a difference, forcing for even more play throughs.

I have a list of bad things about the game, but it’s a bit short. Try not to hold it against me for this review.

-Despite the game forcing you to jump in battle with attack button, there is no jump button in game.
-Evasion in battle is almost useless (often) as most of the time you will get hit even if you have clearly moved out of the damaging areas or behind something. This is likely a technical issue but requires mentioning due to its poor ability.
-Certain Materia are far to limited. This is not an entirely bad thing, as it forces you to play each character differently. But can be frustrating.
-Changing between characters can get exhausting, but is a very big part of battle.
-Hojo, I have never liked hojo but, he’s here! Not that it could be helped nono.

Some of the in between points for me.
-ATB adds another level to the combat, forcing you to really consider what you wish to use.
-Summon abilities will take bars from a characters ATB and limit the abilities they might use.
-Limit Breaks take a long time to charge often.
-Stagger is still a bit confusing to me personally as it has a % and I’m not sure how to increase it.

-This Final in between point is hopefully not really very spoiler but did make my husband uncomfortable, and myself as well, despite having enjoyed it which was Wall Markets chapter. Despite enjoying it, I felt the chapter itself was incredibly long and drawn out. More so due to many mini games which were not very fun and often extremely awkward.

Overall for the games first in a likely long series, I highly suggest you play it if you are a fan. If you don’t know much about FF7 to begin with, some parts may be confusing but ultimately, unlike kingdom hearts 3, anyone can pick the game up and enjoy the story being told yus yus.

Hope you enjoyed the no spoilers late review! Leave a comment if you wish or have any questions. No I will try not to reveal any spoilers.
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Mahdi Draaken

Faerie (Aether)

couple spoilers incoming:

to increase stagger % characters have certain moves
"focused" moves help build the stagger bar (especially when pressured)

when staggered:
Tifa's Powered up moves (rise and fall, omnistrike, upper cut) build stagger well as her true strike ability.
aeriths ray of judgement also builds it pretty well.

Mahdi Draaken

Faerie (Aether)

there's a trophy for getting the stagger % over start at 160%...

if you dont get it naturally during your playthroughs...use the fat/choco VR battle...since he has quite a bit of HP and his stagger lasts a good amount of time

PS: casting stop on some enemies stops their stagger bar from moving :)

Bear Ironfist

Faerie (Aether)

More of a reimagining than a remake.

I don't have high hopes. Serial releases may work for an MMO, but they gave ffxv a slow, expensive death.

Esper Eidolon

Diabolos (Crystal)

@Ember, my worry is honestly on how long they may take for the follow ups. And if they suddenly drastically change the layout of graphics along the way. A particular thing I did not mention but could have is how the backgrounds are clearly just a beautiful portrait.

Normally this would be a bad thing imo, but I thought they may have done it to give a nod to the classic.

Aside from that, it feels like they used it to cut corners however. Like most of the world is not actually present.

Esper Eidolon

Diabolos (Crystal)

Another issue to this is also the long load times. Which is basically PS4 problem but still, background rendering is very focused upon the main level and not the extended portion of the world.

XIV is far bigger on this factor and loads faster even on a HDD. Graphics may not be against each other in many aspects however, but it’s hard not to notice aspects taken from other square enix games and placed into this remake.
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