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Fun Facts of XIV #3

Despite having the past few years to learn from all of the Allag items we have picked up, we still don’t possess technological advances beyond the tomestone phone which we don’t actually use.

Linkpearls are a means of advanced technology in the form of magic and have been utilized by the entire grand company alliance and eorzea but never Garleans whom could easily use said items. Instead using Magitek communicators.

Gyr Abania went from warring with Eorzea, to a tyrant king and then Garlean occupation. All refugees are still frowned upon despite the occupation beginning twenty years before ARR.

Godbert Manderville walks around in his underwear nearly 80% of his on screen time, which means he likely spends more time beyond traveling nearly naked. No one seems to say anything to him nor remark upon this. Which likely means the mandervilles are so rich, there would be no point in arguing.

Godbert Manderville is also one of the strongest people in the entire world. Yet despite this, the man and his son are rightfully fearful of Julyan Manderville whom can absolutely destroy anything with a frying pan.

The infiltration to Titans home was never repeated, despite it actually being a very safe way to infiltrate beast tribe areas.

The Primal Shiva seems to require a host to serve as the vessel. Yet she is actually very similar to other Primals and does not technically require a host.

Despite having destroyed Bahamut Prime, we never shut down Dalamud while it works to reconstruct the high primal dragon.

Alphinaud collectively has the most screen time over all other characters beyond your own.

Players whom complained about the FFXV car being in game did not seem to mind the Fenrir Motor cycle from FFVII. Nor do they seem to care about our lack of a normal horse mount or that a giant elephant can fly.(which is scary when you think about it.)

Heavensward cinimatic is the only one which is 90% off from actual game story.

Stormblood cinimatic shows Kugane with an entire extra area which you can not see in game, yet derplander is in said area.

Despite having it, breathing under water serves little to no purpose beside plot in Shadowbringers and even Stormblood. (Spear fishing is very short lived)

Ascians may not be harbingers of darkness, but actually the equivalent of Espers, Zilart, or Cetra from other final fantasy’s whom are considered higher forms of life originating from the planet.

Red Mage despite having a rather interesting lore to it, does not get to explore any of this unlike most jobs.

Tenzen from the Four Lords questline is the character Tenzen from Final Fantasy XI. His daughter is the woman whom appeared in the final story of FFXI and our FFXI crossover event.

Sazaku, the Phoenix bird from the Four Lords comes off as incredibly clingy. This is however due to the nature of birds as a whole and how loving they are when they pick there humans

Happy Friday loves! ❤️❤️
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Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie (Aether)

Yeah, the whole Gyr Abania thing was VERY odd.

Twenty years is a long time to be occupied and by then the citizens would have been most likely been integrated into the Garlean society, especially the younger ones who have known nothing else. Look at the series 'The Man in the High Castle' for a good example of this with the Nazi's and America.

Yet we constantly see the Garleans treating the Gyr people like they were just conquered. It's a REALLY bad example of occupation administration.

Esper Eidolon

Diabolos (Crystal)

I thought they kind of underplayed the entire thing myself. Honestly even the current fight we are in would be hard to justify with any twenty years old or younger in gyr abania.

Though they were all mistreated in the occupation, they did not really go into full details

Bear Ironfist

Faerie (Aether)

The PVP Grand Company warhorses are kind of regular horses.

Didn't we also ride a horse in Azim Steppe?

Esper Eidolon

Diabolos (Crystal)

yes, but we never got the actual mount. and the war horses are I suppose. I had not thought of them but still not exactly regular lol
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