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Job Study-Tank Roles

So finally I have finished leveling all battle jobs on my faerie character. I can finally give my opinion on each job and what I think needs change, improvement and what is good. So, let’s get into it ^^

Warrior- this is probably my favorite tank job merely because of its extreme burst numbers. Mixed with this and it’s overpowered healing abilities you are looking at the tank whom might as well be considered Wolverine.... with an aoe group at least.

What I dislike about this job is the requirement for that healing factor. The majority or your defensives are not extremely helpful, but useful in certain means (personal defensives) however it makes up for this by being able to add all personal defensives to the aoe defensive for the entire group.

The healing ability can be given to another player in the group, however if they don’t take advantage of it, or are slow casters it won’t really be beneficial.

The warriors strength really is on its utility for leveling. Most of its Key abilities are found from 1-70 making this one of the top contenders for leveling alone.
It's Tank Save button Holmgang is actually quite useful, I would state it at 2nd best but you need to be careful when using it. 8 seconds is not a long time to save your butt.


Dark Knight- This tank is the all rounder. It has good dps, arguably the best cool downs.

Blackest night is a very helpful for the other players in the group. However tenacity effects the utility of this ability, meaning you, or whomever you put it on do not want an over abundance of tenacity or it’s likely to expire and make your benefit for it useless.

It’s weakness is in certain abilities that are not available till the last run of 70s (including the second part of its aoe combo, and aoe defense buff for party) Aside from this it’s damage is not entirely super, it does however have the third best dps of the tanks. Also Living Dead is perhaps the worst os button. You can however learn to work with this very well if you practice.

It’s strength is having access to a majority of its defensive cooldowns early on. Making it a top contender for tanks in arr and heavensward content as well.


Paladin- This job is perhaps shockingly one of the more weaker tanks defense wise. Most are likely reading this and saying hold on, that’s Bull! I mean it has a shield! Should be The iconic tank! Right? Well... Siggy explained to me properly that the shield is not for themselves but the party. Paladins take a lot of damage and have to enjoy it. The height of there primary utility is honestly in damage. Often reaching highest dps tank or next to it.

It’s weakness is in its cooldowns to be honest. A majority are not arriving till later levels and on top of this, clinch utility. Yus every primal will have a massive explosion ability but not every raid boss. Aside from this is the magic use which A, expensive and B, time consuming also starting gcd when cast (including when it is instant cast)
Two of its primary dps helpers require high mana and high health which means they need to be topped off on both to push out top dps on there end.

Some of its strengths show however in its overall dps without damage increasing help. Then it also has a damage buff which has a cooldown. Despite having limited use for its heal, its heal is rather powerful and can be used on more then itself. This also works as a great threat increase.
Leveling feels simple enough with this job, it does still have room for improvement.
Has perhaps the best tank save button in Invincible.


Gunbreaker- Where most might claim this to be SEs golden child, I would like to clarify this job is a tank. But it definitely feels more like it was meant to be a dps. Though it's strong, it really falls flat when it comes to being a tank in my opinion. Majority of it's defensive cooldowns do not appear until the 60s.

It's weakness is in it's defensive cooldowns leveling wise. However, a majority of its defensive cool downs are decent when gained. However they are weaker in comparison to other tanks.
Another weakness is it's tank save ability Superbolide which reduces your health to 1 and makes you impervious to Most attacks for 8 seconds. Using this will often make the healer shite there pants if it was by mistake.

It's strength is found primarily in it's damage. Having the most complex combo and most damage abilities of all tanks. On top of this it also has a damage cooldown. This is the tank for tanks whom don't want to really be a tank. yus yus.
It also has a majority of it's heavy hitter abilities early on, making leveling with fairly decent.


Overall thought on Tanks this expansion- Tanking has obviously become incredibly easy compared to prior expansions. Where some might see this as a terrible thing, I see it as a very good thing, opening the door to more players for a job that is not favored by many has really pushed the ques to be really good for all jobs. In other words, everyone has benefited. That being said, many tanks have room for improvement and don't understand the value of a cooldown use. They are not just for boss fights!

What needs to change for tanks?

Well, a few things really need to change. Primarily the use of Tenacity on it's gear needs to just... disappear I would state. Most of this stat is actually useless and could just be applied to the tanks overall defense rather then a stat. While the rest of the stats can be put into direct hit, determination and skill speed. Some tanks do not know skill speed is needed somewhat, and this honestly changes for each tank.

Another big thing you will probably see me state in every one of these is that the tanks need to feel more diverse. They all differ at the moment, however most of there abilities are similar in nature as are there combos and ultimately if I showed off my ability bar, you would see how close they all resemble each other.

Dps of a tank should not be something prioritized, however, it should be considered more so these days for all content and entry level should not be hampered by tenacity as a barrier of bad.


This is all just an observation formed after playing each to cap and testing them out on harder content. Feel free to chime in if you wish. Personally my favorite tanks are Warrior and Dark Knight. But it's harder to play a lot of these jobs in certain content. Ultimately the all round good tanks imo are DRK and GNB right now.

Hope you all enjoyed reading! I'll be making more for each battle role to come. <3 <3
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Bear Ironfist

Faerie (Aether)

I've been playing a lot of gun breaker. It's the only tank weapon I don't hate and it's CDs are simple while the dps combo is fun.

Esper Eidolon

Diabolos (Crystal)

GNB is fun, I love the weapon look. Honestly I leveled it for my friend whom died some years ago. I have his gunblade in the apartment now. So, it will always be something of a great job to me.

Mahdi Draaken

Faerie (Aether)

love a good tank discussion!
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