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The Long Journey Of Flames ((Interlude)

Let's talk about the most recent development regarding the staff as posted here below.

We as a fanbase love our content, we love our developers, and we love having people who work on this game to keep it running and provide an enviorment for us to be in. It is at this time that my well wishes go to the staff or all regions and all places that the servers and workplace is currently located.

It is in this difficult time that, as players, we help each other get past this and realize that irl does come first. Raiding can wait, Roleplay can wait, content and maps can wait, Free Company Events can wait. We must begin to give respect for one another, as well as the staff involved. Yes, people tend to have things set in stone, or preplanned events and the like for ffxiv. But due to the virus, the staff needs well wishes more than ever.

For so long has the fanbase been accepting of conditions, yet we always seem to forget the things they do to help keep this game running smoothly. As stated in the blog, they only just barely finished the patch before this happened, and on time. They work hard forus so we can enjoy the game. Their blog may upset afew people, as we're all having some form of expectation. Yet what we expect, must now change. In this world of social distancing and fear, we must be sure to be there for others who are there for us. This even includes well wishes to the development team, and giving them a bit of a smile now and then as we accept their conditions.

Patches will now be slow, who knows when the virus and panic will end? Until such time we, as the fanbase, will be (or should be) accepting of this blog and continue to try our best to not preassure for content in a realm where things must be taken slowly.

My well wishes also goes out to those families Out of Characterly who have been affected by lockdowns, state fo emergencies, and so on. We all wish you a hopeful recovery. That includes you reader, and developers. We can wait for what has been planned. Real Life comes first before a game. Don't feel preassured to do more than you can. We support you, as we support each other.

-From me to you, a well wish do we give.
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