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I Finally Found My PVP Job!

My 6.1 Frontlines journey:

Pre 6.1, I was ranged phys (and some blm, where aoe was good); brd main with occasional mch.

6.1 was rough on me. I HATED (hate) brd and mch in 6.1. Having cast times on NOT casters just feels so bad. I could just never get the timing down -- sitting there in big battles waiting for my shots to charge while taking more damage at range than I was dealing -- as the ranged. Plus the new brd LB is so unsatisfying. Like, I get that it fits into the drk/LB sync 6.1 FL meta, but it just feels so bad to do your big build-up ability, your limit break!!! and for it to have no visible effect. The mch LB is super sweet -- plus the kb is cool even if you're not one of those cliff douches -- but overall I hate both jobs. So I tried dnc next, as the other rPhys, and it felt BETTER, but not good. I liked the lb in theory, but could never get it to work right. I liked the mobility, but not the fact that I had to use my en avants to pump my dps -- so instead of masterfully dodging any and every sticky situation, I was dodging around nothing, only to be mostly out of dodges when I really needed them.

So I took a look at melee. Drg felt good. Sam felt okay, but not great. Rpr felt good. So I went with that for a bit. But the more I played, the more I felt like I was fighting against the job. Like I wanted to be aggressive and infiltrate, while the job wanted to be more slow-build-up and controll-y.

So one day I decided to give nin a try. It took exactly one match for me to realize this was the job for me. Nin fits me like a glove. It does everything I want to do. It has everything I want to have. Me and this job are 100%, perfectly in-sync. In my second match, when I Seitoned-out three players with one LB, I knew I would never play another job again in the current pvp environment.

So that's all I wanted to say: it just feels so good to have FINALLY found MY job, after the better part of a year of 6.1. Looking forward to lots more nin-ing in FL! I MIGHT even try to take it to CC! (Scary!)
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