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I really don't see this ending well


At best, some of these kids might not end up dead. I figure we'll be lucky to have a survivor, let alone two or three.

I mean, the Sapphire pilot didn't even hesitate--I have to assume the rest will be the same. And...we know how pointing weapons, large machina, magic, or armies at me goes.

I don't like it, though.

I know this pattern--this is where the Tempered make living sacrifices of themselves to make a primal I can't kill. Where the Empire replaces living parts with weaponry, pumps their experiment victim full of strange substances and sends them after me in a hallucinogenic rage.

And if nothing else, this is, at its core, a clash of ideals with no middle ground. We also all know how that ended.

And yet, even so, despite it all....I know I'll find myself with weapon in hand again. At the helm of my own Ultima weapon again. With blood on my hands again.

And again.

And again.

And again.

I can blame the Garleans--their uncontrolled science, their soldiers' convictions to serve and die such cruel deaths. The others do.

But it's hard to break through your limits without desperation.

And Ricon activated oversoul at the sight of me. It's difficult to argue that I'm not a factor in this equation. It's also not going to stop me.

Neither will knowing how they died--knowing that their Weapons are designed to consume their life, while I pilot one that won't even let the cockpit get too hot.

Honestly....Used as fuel and mentally hijacked by combat data--I can't think of a worse death, not even being turned into a sin-eater. Light at least has a numbing effect, and a leftover bit of you in the sin-eater.

And yet I'll still join the battlefield and push them to it.

Is that the "right" decision? I don't know, it sure doesn't seem like it, but I decided a weapon shouldn't be biased a while back, anyway. Still, I need a moral indicator, though I can't lean on the twins since they're not involved.

I long as Gaius is willing to point a sword at his children, I'll share that stance. I'll have to. Because not fighting isn't an option.
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Lalli Physalis

Sargatanas (Aether)

I havent played Shadowbringers so I have no clue what you're talking about but I like your writing style!

H'biki Schwarzer

Cactuar (Aether)

Haha thanks, I started this thing for the hell of it, usually I just write (checks notes)....long unfinished fanfics. That you haven't reached ShB scares me though, I mean, that WHM level....mine was ahead through StB by about 10, but 80 in HW is a power move lol.
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