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The Palace of the Dead (solo) [Endwalker]

Thanks for taking a look at my journal :)

I cleared The Palace of the Dead solo and decided to write it down as a reminder.

The policy is not to attack the score, etc., but to simply aim to break the 200th floor.

This time, I took on the challenge as a machinist, so I will write about how to get around as a machinist, but there are some things that are common to all jobs.

From floor 1 to floor 100
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Nothing special to worry about until the 100th floor, but write down the points to watch out for in places and the policy of progression.

・After activating the Cairn of Passage stone, you basically go to the next floor immediately.
・Do not think about preserving the pomanders, but keep in mind that the process should be smooth.(Use a pomander of rage to shorten the time for Blindness, Damage penalty , and monster houses.)
・You are better off proceeding with no traps in mind.
(If you are attacked immediately after stepping on a Land Mine, you may die, so be a little careful while fighting enemies who attack remotely.)

[About Enemies]
Palace Slime (floor 13~16)
If you unintentionally anger this enemy, you must defeat him preferentially or he will self-destruct and the game ends.
・At the floor boss, use a pomander of steel just in case. Edda Blackbosom is weak and does not need it.
Nybeth Obdilord (floor 100)
90% HP: spawns 2 adds>First defeat them in the flesh, and when they revive, use a pomander of resolution to purify them.
63% HP: spawns 2 adds>Still under the effects of the Kuribu, so we'll purify it all together.
40% HP: spawns 3 adds>Use a second pomader of resolution to cleanse them all together.

From floor 101 to floor 150
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・If you pull a Luring trap, you can use Arm's Length,Foot Graze and Leg Graze to deal with it.
(If the enemies are strong, it is safer to use a pomander of witching to handle them.)
・Pomanders of strength and steel are enough to have three by the floor 175, so having one or two at the floor 150 is sufficient.

[About Enemies]
Deep Palace Slime:Beware of self-destruction after a certain time.
Deep Palace Gigantoad (Patrol):Do not turn your back on this enemy.
Deep Palace Morbol:Immediately after putting you to sleep, a fan-shaped AoE is generated, so move away or fight very close.
Ah Puch (floor 140):Fight with only one pomander of resolution.
Tisiphone (floor 150):Don't let the zombies catch you. If they catch you, you will not be able to move and you will die.

From floor 151 to floor 160
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Deep Palace Devilet:If the [Ice Spike] is not stopped, the Devilet will be buffed by the attack reflex, so you must pause your attack.

[Floor Boss:Todesritter]
Steel is a must. Strength is optional. (I used to use it.)

From floor 161 to floor 170
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Be careful of [Deep Palace Wivre (163~)] and [Deep Palace Triceratops (166~)]. Their auto-attacks are very painful and their agro is proximity. If you have no effect of steel, it is better to avoid fighting with Yomu.

[Floor Boss:Yulunggu]
Steel is a must. Strength is also must. Sustaining potion is always used for each recast.

1.Do not put the boss on the puddle generated by the Duce.
The haste and the attack increase make it difficult to continue the battle. Since a maximum of three puddles remain at the same time, it is best to dump them in a triangle around the perimeter of the field.

2.Regarding the 15 second heavy debuff.
Use Sprint with 7 seconds remaining to avoid Electrogenesis; using Tactician during the 15-second debuff will cause Tactician's recast to return for the next 15-second debuff.

From floor 171 to floor 180
From here, we must make effective use of sprint, heavy, bind, and arm's length on the road.
Also, when fighting, in the case of Gloom Spread, strength and steel may be essential.

As shown in the diagram, special attention should be paid to [Deep Palace Sasquatch]. Even if it is not a Gloom Spread, sprint (20 seconds), heavy, and Sustaining potion are essential, combined with super potion, second wind, and arm's length as appropriate. Super potions, Second Wind, and Arm's length are necessary.Also, the drumming debuff reaches the next room where Sasquatch is located, but if there is a height difference, the debuff will not hit you. Remembering this will make the strategy easier.

[Floor Boss:Dendainsonne]
Steel is a must. Strength is also must. Sustaining potion is always used for each recast.

Boss HP
・100%~30%:You attack normally.
・30%~20%:Maximize the heat gauge. During this time, save all abilities except Ricochet and Gauss Round.
・20%:Use a pomander of lust and Grant 5 debuffs.(Use the Sustaining potion before the transformation.)
・~15% or 16%:Reduce HP with normal combo.

>After confirming that you have enough HP, you start bursting while the enemy is casting Thunderbolt or Charybdis or Trounce.
When the first Ecliptic Meteor lands, you use Second Wind and a Super potion to recover your HP. Ecliptic Meteor is an attack that reduces 80% of the player's HP, so the meal effect is eliminated before the second Ecliptic Meteor lands.

From floor 181 to floor 190
This floor has the most enemies that cannot be beaten. At worst, you may use up all pomanders of rage from the floor 181 to 189, since all the enemies can be fought with pomander of steel from the flloor 191.

As shown in the figure, this floor is also characterized by many audio-sensing enemies. Even if the result of opening Golden Coffer is a mimic, do not run quickly and evacuate outside the auditory senses before fighting the mimic.

[Floor Boss:The Godfather]
Steel is a must. Strength is also must. Sustaining potion is always used for each recast.

<Timeline and Location of Red Bombs>

Scalding Scolding is very painful, especially for Scalding Scolding before the blue bomb, you will also get an additional auto attack, so use mitigation and recovery there.

From floor 191 to floor 199
On this floor, you can fight any enemy as long as you have a pomander of steel, even in the situation of Gloom Spread. However, since there is a possibility that accidents may occur when fighting strong enemies, it is advisable to choose the right enemies to fight.

On this floor, we use pomanders os resolution in the second half of the floor to decimate the mooks, so even if we take our time in the first half, we can rewind in the second half. You should not be in a hurry to attack.
As an example, the guidelines for the use of pomanders are as follows.

191:Pomander of Affluence,Alteration
192:Pomander of Affluence,Alteration
193:Pomander of Affluence,Alteration(,steel,strength)
194:Pomander of Safety or Sight
195:Pomander of Safety or Sight
196:Pomander of Safety or Sight,flight,resolution
197:Pomander of Safety or Sight,flight,resolution
198:Pomander of Safety or Sight,flight,resolution
199:Pomander of Safety or Sight,resolution

Thank you for reading my poor Japanese English to the end. I will add more information as I get it. Well, good-bye.
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