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ffxiv dairy 157 or 158 idk

so heres what happend for the couple of days i was not posting me dairy. i was playing dnd with me homies and then did a shit ton of venue stuff and levling and got arested by the fucking lala cops again for drug possesion and then i got the thordan bird mount and then i fantasized jarenko again. like i usally do since he is the only man who i dearly love. ngl i wish i knew his first name his legit first name, so i can admire the true name of the man behind the lapis lazlui mask ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yessss. then i encounterd a old player i used to see around named melkar. and the last time i seen melkar he would not shut the fuck up about how life is shit and how is terrible, basiclly he was one of those guys who just complains and does nothing so then i met him again after so long. and i asked him about his unknown problem. and acording to him its gotten worse. then he goes on about how hes my rp nemeis. which guess is canon now woooo. then he says how he is the evil that rises and destorys and how im the good that spreads hope and joy. and how we are in a eternal clash. that reminded me of my sweet my lovley big juicy moist jarenko

ngl i dislike melkar not in the way that i hate him or somthing or dislike him in that way. just the fact he refuses to fix his own major irl problem and being like "oh you wont understand me" im pretty sure hes doing it for attention or rp purposes. i did ask him if he was rping but he says its a irl problem. like bruh he is saying he did somthing fucked up and how is feeling sad and shit because of it. ngl im curious to what it could be. but sadly melkar is gone. wooooooooooooo im now his rp nemesis

thats it
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