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Summer's Flame Top Glamours

Hello all,

I hope everyone is having fun with 5.3! I am really enjoying the new Summer's Flame Top and I wanted to show some glams featuring it! It's a great top but the tattoo on the left matches my skin exactly so it does not show up well in pictures, I wish it were dyeable at that part too. :( But it is still very cute!

I edit my screenshots so the colors seen in these pictures are not exactly as shown in game, my photos show a more vibrant look but the in game results are the same, just more muted colors and less definition.

Sky Blue Summoner
**The top dyes so differently than the rest of the set however, I found that peacock blue matches the sky blue dye very well!

Rakshasa Kanmuri of Casting
◯ Undyed

Summer's Flame Top
⬤ Peacock Blue

Caller's Armlets
⬤ Sky Blue

Dalmascan Draped Bottoms
⬤ Sky Blue

Caller's Sandals
⬤ Sky Blue

Gordian Grimoire
◯ Undyed

Baron Earrings
Triplite Choker of Casting

***I could not match the top with the black or purple portion of the skirt...but I could match it with the tan straps!

Beech Mask of Casting
⬤ Grape Purple

Summer's Flame Top
⬤ Kobold Brown

Thaliak's Armlets of Casting
⬤ Gloom Purple

Flame Elite's Loincloth
◯ Undyed

Viera Sandals
◯ Undyed

Vanargand Anemos
⬤ Metallic Purple

Baron Earrings

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