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Forge ‘em shinies

4:56 PM, Crystalline Means: Enesha is compiling a list of materials while talking with Quinnana

Enesha, Bentic

(smiling, excited) Aight, thanks! I think that’s all I need to know! (bids goodbye to Quinnana, and starts walking toward the Aetheryte plaza while squaring the newly obtained Splendorous Cross-pein Hammer, smiling) Hehe, it’s indeed a masterpiece… Although the Indagator is far superior, as of now… Still, Grenoldt was indeed ahead of his time, before retiring into the Tempest. (daydreams) I wonder if those two will get ma—

As Enesha turns the corner, she bumps into someone’s chest, almost falling back

(annoyed, surprised) Watch your step, Hum— (notices it’s Enesha) Uh? Oh, it’s you, Ene.
(surprised, worried, massages her nose) O-oh, Ben! S-sorry, I—
(sneers, chuckling) Daydreaming as usual?
(embarrassed) N-no! Well, n-not really… Uh, a-anyway, f-fancy meeting you here! What’s up?
Ah, I was— (notices her hammer) Oh, is that one of Grenoldt’s tools I spy in your hand?
Uh? Oh, yeah, it is! You know of the Splendorous Tools, too?
”Splendorous”, eh? A fitting name, I suppose. (grabs her alembic) That’s the reason I’m here in first place, too.
(surprised, excited) Oh, the Splendorous Alembic! Are you gonna work on it as well?
I’ll try to, at least. I’m not really sure this is going to be anywhere as good as a fully melded Indagator one, though. They may even were masterpieces, back in the days, but they are outdated, by now…
That’s indeed true… But I’m sure they’ll be worth it! It was like that for Skysteel Tools too, afterall. From mere prototypes, to pinnacles of crafting!
I do only know of them due to others talking about them, since I wasn’t around, back that time… But yeah, it seems popular consensus the fact they were top notch.
(excited) That they were! (sighing) Although they have been really hard to improve, at some point… Master Recipes, rare resources, long and difficult crafting times… They for sure proved a challenge… (scratches her hair) To this day, I still am halfway done on the gatherers’ tools…
Well, they are quite outdated by now anyway, the only real purpose would be Glamour only, so you can take it easy. You also had and still have more important things to do, no?
A-aye, you guys in primis. We’ll smash Hephaistos again, tonight!
Hopefully. Anyroad, back on business with me. Do you know who should I speak with, in order to get the grasp for these tools-specific recipes?
Your best bet would be Chora-Zoi (points at the Mystel) just over there! If you need some materials, Quinnana (points at the Drahn) from the House of Splendors will find them for you no matter the rarity!
(looks at Enesha, disappointed) … Scrips?
(looks at Bentic, scoffing, compliant, shrugging) … Scrips.
(sighs, annoyed) Gods, these Draughts will be the death of mine, I swear…
(chuckles) Yeah, I feel you.
I can prepare them blindfolded, by now, with how many I brewed…
I’m not sure whether to craft myself or just buy the materials off the Market Board… I wish I had some more spare time for myself, but between work and Astronomies farming, I can’t really make up for it… I should probably make some calculations.
Which implies you have a list of all necessary materials?
(nods, happy) Yup, right here! Just compiled thanks to Chora and Quinnanna’s help!
Mind if I take a look? It’s best if I started gathering myself…
(smiles) Be my guest!

The two women keep talking and chitchatting for a while, then they eventually part ways, with Bentic going toward the Crystalline Means and Enesha going down the stairs while reading the list

(psyching) Good! Let’s get to work!
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