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Roadmap: Zaji the Nightwitch

What is this?
Short answer: A fanfic.
Long answer: Zaji the Night witch is the story of a War hero, Zaji, who possesses the Echo, but is not the WoL. Tho her adventures take her to many of the same places as the WoL; her story is one of war, and of heroism, and of love, and loss.

This blog is mostly for my own references but I am allowing it to be viewed and commented on publicly. This is a story board, and a roadmap.

First things first: A theory about WoL.
My head cannon is that the game we are playing is like a story being told LONNNNG after its events. And the WoL is both a real person who did real things; but is also a historical legend that alot of other stories got merged into. So for example, there was a Warrior or light who saved the world several times over; but there was another heroine to whom the events of the Black mage story quest happened. Tho the story told and retold, and told and retold again, have merged them together. So goes it for the rest! And that is the basic theory on which the story is based.

Zaji is also blessed of the echo, and is also a slayer of eikons, but she is not the warrior of light. She did not have the same interactions with Hydalen, but she may have had some (TBD)

Second things second:
The timeline for events hasn't been updated on the offical wiki in a very long time. But I am a nerd and want a time line, so based off the available lore, I have built one. The TL;DR is that roughly 15 years have passed since the beginning of 2.0 to the Events of current patch 5.45. Time has moved slightly faster in game than in the real world.

The year at the Start of 2.0 was 1577. Five-years after Carteneu.

Last things: the story of Zaji will be written as if an Auto-bio; and sometimes a history bio. with thoughts at each end of each chapter.

Zaji's Timeline:

1577: Zaji arrived in the city of Ul'dah at 15years, with her parents on the 1st moon.
-Mother died of illness on the 6th moon.
-Zaji worked in laundry while her father slipped into alchoholism.
-Father disapeared on the 11th moon.

1st moon: Zaji is homeless, and works odd jobs to eat.
2nd: zaji turns 16.
8th: MSQ: Duty, Honor,country.
1) while picking a corpse in thanalan, Zaji finds a sword and buckler.
(chapter: By hook or by crook)
2) when going to sell it, she chances on a caravan hiring gaurds.
3) Zaji robs a drunk of his armor, sells it, buys her own, and gets hired by the merchant.
11th: Zaji has settled in to the life and begins to make a name for herself.

1-12th moon: Zaji calls it the most peaceful year of her life, she spent it learning how to fight with sword, and bow, and spear. Known for being a strong fighter and eventually, a shrewd merchant in her own right.
(chapter: those were the days/farewell to childhood)
12th moon: A murder mystery leads Zaji to take up destruction magic.
(chapter: Hat trick)

2nd: Zaji rejected from THM guild, spot given to relative of syndicate member.
3rd: Ambushed by Qiqirn and left to die by corrupt Brassblades; Zaji could not protect what had become her second family. ( Chapter: The Highbridge massacre)
5th: MSQ: Lord of inferno
A) Zaji gets drunk one night at the guild, while talking to an Astrologen lala.
B) Zaji wakes up in the back of a cart heading to south Thanalan. She's been drafted into the immortal flames by a honey pot scheme. (Chapter:In the army now)
9th: Promoted to 2nd.class Flame.
11th: promoted to 1st.class during 2nd battle of Inferno.
(chapter: trial by combat)

2nd moon: promoted to corporal, serves as runner and company clerk.
MSQ: Lord of Crag
( Chapter: Running the gauntlet / Time to kill )
3rd: Battle of Urchents pass. / 1st battle of Seer's ridge.
(Chapter: Amal'jaa wars I )
5th: 2nd Seer's ridge / Battle of Sunken road
( Chapter: The captain's gambit )
MSQ: Lady in the vortex
7th: Promoted to sargeant / awared silver medal of valor.
11th: Assigned a spot in THM guild by Immortal flames.
(Chapter: What's mine / Rock the house / Zaji save the queen)

3rd: MSQ: Blackwolf's Ultimatum
Zaji is recalled to active service.
Battle of the east watch / Battle of Don's field / Battle of Blue frog 1st/2nd/3rd
( Chapter: Heroes and cowards / The killing fields / for dear life )
MSQ: rock the castrum

4th: Rauhbahn's push
Battle of Second Merridium. Battle of Addler's folly ( 4th bluefrog)
(chapter: our's not to reason why)
Battle of Centri 1st / 2nd.
Zaji Field promoted to 2nd Lieutenant (because they were running out of Lieutenants)
(Chapter: Our's not to make reply)

5th: MSQ: Ultima Weapon
7th: Zaji is decommissioned, leaves the flames, returns to THM studies despite conflicts with guild leaders.
(Chapter: a time to rest / what i've learned)
MSQ: Lord of the whorl

12th: Zaji finds soul of the Black mage / slays cocobusi / kills cocobuki in duel.
(chapter: Death to every tyrant. / A Fated duel )

1st: Zaji is trialed for murder and acquited.
( Chapter: No regrets)
3rd: Zaji is trialed again, and acquited again, after a failed attempt to bribe judges.
(Chapter: In the house of the rising sun)
Brought to trial a 3rd time, the Coco brothers demand trial by combat.
(Chapter: Ball room blitz.)
5th-11th: Zaji meets Kazaag chah and studies with him. gradually becoming friends.
12th: Zaji is recalled: Teledji's rebellion.
(Chapter:Ballad of Zaji the patriot)
MSQ: Before the dawn

1st: Zaji attempts to help Rauhbahn, but can do very little; eventualy leaks evidence of a traitor in Flames' command to the Doman shinobi who she doesn't fully trust.
( Chapter: A heart in the right place)
2nd:MSQ: Heart of Ice
3rd: Battle of Smoldering ash / Zaji Slays Ifrit.
(chapter: More than one way to skin a eikon)
7th: MSQ: the song begins

11th: Zaji is assigned to Vlybrand, fights and slays Titan.
(chapter: not a fluke)
Promoted to First Lieutenant.
12th: MSQ: Heavenward

5th: MSQ: Littany of peace.
5th- 12th: "Cosaire war" (officially: Anti-piracy actions campaign)
(Chapter: Beached / The good ship Jack / Overlord )

1st-2nd: MSQ: the far edge of fate
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