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What is up with people on Frontline???

I know I said imma do a weekly thing but I couldnt go to sleep. Its 1AM and im just fuming rn fellas so I gotta do this. Just so everyone knows, im on playstation not pc so I cant type fast when I play.

Another piece of info I wanna dump is that I just about only play large team fight game like MAG on ps3, battlefield, Star Wars Battlefront 1&2(consistent top 5 without using heroes cause I know what the fuck im doing) and hell even Elder Scrolls Online with their largeass 3 way fights. Fuck, Ive even led large groups on Elder Scrolls so Id like to believe that I have some form competency in large scale pvp.

Back to frontline, like I genuinely wanna know what the hell is up with people on frontline?!
Before you go "this guy is ripping on pvers on pvp" or "hes ripping on new players" no im not man! Im talking about "regulars" you see on frontline often enough.

Like an example was my team was getting slapped, we were last place and the other teams are ignoring us to fight each other. So I get on the chat(cause theres no VC) and go "sandwhich blueI dont remember color). Then a guy in team goes no, everyone pull back to defend low tier nodes that mean nothing because other teams are like 600/800 points and my team was like 300 or something(we were low is all I remember).

I get on the chat and type slow as fuck with a ps controller so I cant explain and theres punks telling bad info. So like when people are fighting, they pretty much show up on the map for all to see. Like the two other teams were fully committed and even though we couldnt beat a team 1v1 we could still slam into one from the rear and hopefully take advantage of them being weak from fighting other team. At most we could use half a squad to hold while everyone else did work.

Like if anything we could scoop 2nd place from the jaws of last. You might be thinking that those guys just wanted it to end quicker but nah man. Im not saying their names but ive had them in previous matches and they were like that there too. Im talking about in a previous match I straight up said that "I hope that we dont got one of those annoying guys in shout chat" in shout chat while they were in my team(one of them saw that and tried a lol wat, im looking at my screen like mother fucker fucker im talking about YOU. He def knew I was talking about him and his ilk) , they stfu with their bad call outs and we won because people did flanks and sandwiches right instead of listening to dumbasses give directions.

Another match, Im solo healing(other healer gave up n switched) and the squad kept splitting up on the wholeass map. People on my squad start typing that the team needed to step up if we wanna win, I type back that man, Im just trying to heal and its hard that the team split so crazy.

A guy in my squad had the nerve to say shit like "we cant win if we dont split". While thats good if the squads split, it dont make no goddamn sense for the squad to split crazy when theres only 1 fuckin healer. I ended up sticking to the 1 tank in my squad and a dragoon because the rest of the squad was doing like jack shit fighting the last place team near their spawn.

I ended up 800k healing as top healer in my team so dont say I dont do shit and just talk shit. If you see me on frontline, im a lala healer on that moogle puffball mount marking myself as ignore2. Im usually healing more than good enough and you can see for yourself if you dont believe son.

One last thing, I brought up large scale pvp in other games. Dont go, well those are different games with different mechanics. Cause mother fucker, large scale pvp is like the same shit in every game when it comes to flanking, positioning and match ups/class roles!

Example, if youre fighting someone in a 3 way fight and another player is about to sandwich you, push past the guy behind you so that "NOW" that guy that you were fighting is in the middle getting sandwiched. You dont need no goddamn VC to understand the basics. Again, im not talking about PVERs that go on PVP or even the new players. Im talking about punkass PVPERs that the punkass actual PVPERs that give bad info constantly and act smug while their bullshit only makes things harder than it gotta be!

Call out to the fellas that actually give useful callouts and warnings! You guys real MVPs even if we lose!

Alright, thats all imma bring up. I feel better now so im gonna go sleep. Rant Over.
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