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The Gut Punch that is Dragonsong, Ignore: Spoilers


Aymeric is still a cinnamon roll, just during this whole Dragonsong saga, I discovered he is a MASSIVELY, squishy cinnamon roll. And that's okay too. I would love to have lived a life of just cinnamonrolly-polly-goodness. But alas, I'm more eggroll with fabulous honey-furikake-sriracha glaze. Dammit, now I'm hungry.

I actually dressed up for this. Don't judge me.

Anyhoo, the gut punch that is Dragonsong. At first, I was like, oh Ysayle, of course she'd be there cuz her Shiva connection and H-dragon. But then, oh no, oh no, oh no, ohhh nooo. WTH. WHY. Does my sanity mean anything to the Devs?!

It's been taking me awhile to comment on Dragonsong because it was just a swell of sudden emotions. I ugly-cried, wiped my snot away, and couldn't breath properly through my nose for the rest of the night. Gawd, I'm glad I'm playing through the story finally, and thank goodness THIS PART wasn't spoiled for me.

I didn't think I would be attached to the HW characters, but something about the Fortemps fam gets to me. And I lost count how many times I came running to Camp Dragonhead after losing Haurchefant, thinking maybe he'll be there even just as a glitch. It's like losing a RL friend, you think you don't have enough pics with them, you didn't thank them enough for the little things they did for you, and now poof. You keep retracing things to find some semblance of the past that was lived.

I mean I thought this would be another field trip to be denied by H-dragon. And I LOVED the dungeon for the trial with Hraesvelgr, and of course, the actual battle with The Dragon formerly Known as Nidhogg. At first when facing Hraesvelgr, I thought oh no, super mario jumping platform things, but thankfully it was not like that. Had a friend come in and talk me through it *waves*

My ... we look like we mean business here, but decidedly, mostly harmless. I can't take this pic seriously with this blatant red pixel crystal that I can't now unsee.

I'm pleased that I finally get to hang with Alisaie, and she's awesome. She's like my WoL's Exasperation Translator. And I absolutely LOVED that she was on Urianger's case the whole time. Cuz, GURL I BEEN KNEW BUT I COULDN'T SAY ANYTHING.

Was I surprised he looks this fine without the scuba face? Ye-es, but still!
But I knew this man was twisted! All making nice nice with the Ascians and the Darkness band, had me chasing primals again, fighting to the near death, calling over the Mother Crystal's rep ... all this could've been handled through an email.

I mean, I get it. But still I'm not happy about it. And him being all pious and like, "I want not thine forgiveness, lest thou?" ... blah blah. You sacrificed my girl, bruh. Let me at least be mad. I actually liked Minfilia's character. She's been trying to perform to this high, selfless level expected of her, and she's knowingly given up a normal life for it. Doesn't seem fair. But she does it with a kinda sad smile. Her office is now occupied by a blue-quest kid cosplaying as Eldibus and it irritates me.

So let me be not amused by Urianger's double agent ruse. Y'shtola may agree.

Yda's back! Which I thought would mean yay, random quirky dialogs again. But ... she's changed? She's all moping and quiet, and not as irreverent.

So I'm beginning to think she's "Yda" like Thancred was "Thancred."

As for Thancred, yeah I guess I've decided he's still Thancred, just now in permanent grump stance. And understandably so. He's more abrupt and takes no bull. He's kinda my Wol's Anger Translator now maybe.

Yeah, he al'right.

For now, before I go to the next MSQ, I need to spend time with the bestest mentor in the world ... And snazziest dresser to boot.

Hopefully, I can finish my job quests before I drown in screenshots again.

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Aala Konane

Midgardsormr (Aether)

Egg roll with fabulous honey bwahaha. Sounds fabulous ;)

Walabi Labi

Gilgamesh (Aether)

That friend of yours looks damn fine.

Jokes aside, I was glad to be there with you on what's easily one of the most amazing moments of the story. Thank you again for bringing me along, and can't wait to see your heart crushed into a million bits again, and again, and again, and again...
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