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First Blog Posting!

Hey everyone that might happen to find their way to my blogging, have not done anything like this before! Figured I could give this a shot. In game, my name is Raven, super edgy I know, I am a main DRK after all, but I took the name as homage to my being an Armored Core player. Anyway, I just started up this FC called Loyalty Reborn, even though it has been around a bit now. And by a bit, I mean, from FFXI, though only a handful of us are here in this game. The FC has been going well, though we are not big we are very active and it has been great. We are active, friendly, welcoming, social. It has really just brought new life to me in the game. Been a long road but it has been something nice having this. Since this is my first time posting I will keep this guy short, I wonder what people would like me to talk about on here? I pretty much am stuck at home during this pandemic, been gaming on here and have been helping a lot of newer players out. Oh! Also doing a bunch of events now with this FC. This Halloween we are doing a cosplay event at my fc house, located in the Goblet ward 9 plot 48 at 3pm PST on Oct 31. And my FC is actively recruiting. If you want to join us, that would be awesome! check us out.
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