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No tanks

Man I keep trying but tanking stresses me out. I feel so responsible for like, knowing the whole dungeon, keeping track of aggro, knowing boss movements, keeping a good pace, knowing how to use CDs, and keeping everyone alive. I had a friend who said that Healer is the difficult shit job but honestly that's just playing a clicker game where I have to keep the bars up high, playing Tank is like being everyone's parent at all times and it's so much stress and if I screw up everyone dies!

It doesn't help that I seriously just can't figure out how to set up my buttons for the life of me, Gunbreaker just has too many goddamn buttons and I need to be able to access all of them all the time, I hate it. Maybe I'll go back to Paladin but those are so boriiiing.

In other news, I've been helping Ishgard with the restoration, and while trying to buy a house in Ul'dah, my friend Spicecream ended up buying an apartment by accident. Good times!
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Kupo Warkson

Siren (Aether)

You just gotta play Warrior. It's basically just a dps with more hp.
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