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Hyperion [Primal]

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Slow Song

I don't really have any kind of schedule or usually plan, for music video projects. I just hear a song and something clicks, setting the wheels in motion. Then the song won't leave me alone until I make the video! And so it was with Slow Song. I heard it for the first time at Red Moon and it just resonated with me. It felt like it might be Losira's true theme song which made me feel a little sad because I don't want to break any hearts. I'm just out here trying to have fun and enjoy as much as is left of my life as long as I can. We only get a short ride on this star, so gotta make the most of it!

I had so much fun with Hayase Nagatoro cosplay, I decided to wear it for parts of the video. Nagatoro goes well with the theme of the song too, oddly enough. She's kinda my Spirit Animal in XIV and maybe IRL too, if some things had played out a little (or a lot) differently! In any case, I hope you enjoy this music video as much as I did making it!

Red Moon on Aether Jenova, Lavender Beds, Ward 23, Plot 58
DJ Bunnychan:
Song: Slow Song (with Dragonette), The Knocks
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Losira Azural

Hyperion [Primal]

Thanks! Allure Lounge on Ultros is usually open on Friday nights. Feel free to join me and my friends if you come by! (Allure is on Ultros, Lav Beds, Ward 9, Plot 33)

Deimos Threnody

Coeurl [Crystal]

Somehow, i deleted my comment D: awesome thanks i will deff let you know and check it out!
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