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Weekly Frontline results



Oh look, a more normal distribution of wins and losses. I was in the red for awhile when I decided to spam queue Shatter. Never spam queue Shatter. Nothing good will come from Shatter matches.

This week I mostly played Frontline. I tried some Rival Wings matches but I have a hard time getting motivated to play as a solo queue player. There's something about losing 1 min in and having to defend for 14 min. Slow but inevitable defeat. Not like in FL where come back moments are more frequent.

On a side note, I'd say that I'm an all-around player. I try to fill roles at the start of the game and if the match isn't coordinated or some players annoy me, I tend to switch to certain jobs. But I wish I could have a more supportive role like back in the "old" PvP system. I consider myself to be a more supportive player even though it might not look like it when I play. I love to play healers and if you ever saw me in FL, you'll see me on PLD a lot. It's fulfilling to save someone and deny the enemy team points. Getting high damage and kills is cool and all but it'll never beat the feeling of supporting your team and coming out victorious because of it.

See you again!

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Aimer Moonchild

Phoenix [Light]

Your WoL is so pretty!! I've never done Frontline before. Is it PvP?

Odessium Xiv

Chocobo [Mana]

Ty! Yes, Frontline is large scale PvP (24v24v24). Maybe not for everyone but I love it!
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